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Chinese Yellow Pages in Los Angeles
Los Angeles Chinese Yellow Pages

Currently, the most popular Chinese Yellow Pages in Los Angeles is the one called "Chinese Consumer Yellow Pages".  A few years ago, there was also a company that publishes Chinese Yellow Pages in Los Angeles that was called "Chinese Yellow Pages".  However, "Chinese Yellow Pages" has been in decline, while "Chinese Consumer Yellow Pages" has gained ground by organizing different trade shows and activities for Chinese businesses in Los Angeles. 

As of June, 2009, the latest news is that Chinese Daily News (World Journal), the largest Chinese newspaper in Los Angeles, shall publish THE Chinese Yellow Pages in Los Angeles called Chinese Daily News Business Directory.  By leveraging their existing advertising clients, marketing resources and sales channels, it has a potential to compete against and lead over "Chinese Consumer Yellow Pages".

Effectiveness of Advertising in Chinese Yellow Pages in Los Angeles

Unlike English Speaking local residents in Los Angeles, in which the role of yellow pages has gradually overtaken by the role of the Internet, Chinese residents in Los Angeles still largely rely on traditional media such as newspapers and yellow pages.  There hasn't been a large decrease in the readership of Chinese yellow pages, nor a large decrease of advertising revenues.

Chinese newcomers and middle-aged and older generation still read Chinese newspapers such as the Chinese Daily News (World Journal) or Chinese yellow pages for more information.  Even the younger generation, knowing that typing in Chinese is more complicated than typing in English, either seeks information in English online or, when they have to, read Chinese newspapers or Chinese yellow pages for commercial information. Indeed, many companies advertised on Chinese newspapers or Chinese yellow pages offer a discount than those of the mainstream companies in certain industries and services provided.

Thus, advertising in Chinese yellow pages is still effective.

The Role of Our Chinese Referral Services in Chinese Yellow Pages in Los Angeles

We know the Chinese market.  We know both companies that publish the Chinese yellow pages.  We know the best sales representatives in these companies.  We will introduce them to you in order for you to receive the best services.

You will get the same price as all other advertisers, and plus, you will have a representative that speaks good English.

Advertising and Contacting Sales Representatives of Chinese Yellow Pages in Los Angeles

Please Contact Us, and a representative will be in touch with you.

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