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Taiwan Mandarin Voice Over
with Taiwanese Voice Over Specialist Zoe

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We provide professional Mandarin voice-over services with our voice over specialist from Taiwan.  Zoe speaks Mandarin that's considered standard by people from both China and Taiwan.

Taiwan Mandarin Voice Over vs. Mainland China Mandarin Voice Over.

The Differences Between Taiwan Mandarin Voice Over and Mainland China Mandarin Voice Over

Taiwan Mandarin voice over is a service provided by our Mandarin voice over specialist from Taiwan, or the Republic of China.  Standard Mandarin in Taiwan generally has a higher pitch than standard Mandarin in Mainland China.  It is more enticing and sounds very pleasant.  (You may listen to Zoe's Mandarin voice over sample to get a feel).  Standard Mandarin in Mainland China generally has a lower pitch and sounds more authoritative. (It has a selling pitch, suggesting "I am saying it... you'd better believe me). :)  Separation from the two straits as well as cultural differences resulted in such a difference.

Markets for Taiwan Mandarin Voice Over and Mainland China Mandarin Voice Over

A native Chinese speaker can easily distinguish if the voice over is conducted by a person from Taiwan or Mainland China.  In general, in the United States, Chinese TV stations and radio stations use anchors and announcers from Taiwan for important shows, as Taiwanese influence in overseas Chinese communities in the US is stronger than Chinese influence.  However, Chinese influence is becoming more significant as well.

Zoe's Taiwan Mandarin Voice Over Sample

Depending on your market, you may choose to have a Mandarin voice over specialist from Taiwan or mainland China to do your project. 

Please contact us for more information.

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