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Chinese Tutor in Las Vegas
Provides Chinese Language Lessons and Classes in Las Vegas

Also See Chinese Translator and Mandarin Interpreter in Las Vegas

Our Chinese tutor in Las Vegas provides Mandarin Chinese classes in Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

The language lesson coordinator is Mr. Ouyang.

Mr. Jimmy N. Ouyang is a native of Taiwanese from China.  He spends 20 years working for a global consulting firm in various management development programs. Ouyang consults internationally in the areas of strategic planning, management development and organization development.

Ouyang holds a B.A, M.A in Journalism and International Business degrees and a candidate of doctorate in training and development from the USA (Monterey Institute of International Studies, California. University of Minnesota, Minnesota).

 Through the years, Ouyang has work through out the US with more than 200 companies, including a significant number of Fortune 500, and many small companies. His clients included Citigroup, Singapore ABN-AMRO, Singapore, 3M. Coca Cola, International Paper, IBM, Mobil Oil, Phillip 66, Williams Pipelines, Twin City Army Ammunitions, US Navy, University of Tennessee, University of South Australia, Singapore Expo, Singapore Cruise Company and Northwest Airline. His successful career makes him uniquely qualified leading a successful of business challenge.

Since 1996, Ouyang has taught both graduate and undergraduate students in Singapore. He is a qualified instructor approved by Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) 2004(N24-08-1251 Vol 1. EDUN N24-08-1248-V7).

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