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Chinese Translator in Las Vegas
Provides Chinese Translation and Mandarin Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Also see Chinese Class by Mandarin Chinese Tutor in Las Vegas

Our Chinese translator and interpreter provides Chinese translation and Mandarin interpretation in Las Vegas (including consecutive interpretation and Chinese simultaneous interpretation) for different industries such as legal, engineering, finance, technologies, etc. 

Please note that although our Chinese translator or Mandarin interpreter provides Chinese translation and Mandarin interpretation services in Las Vegas, our Chinese translator stays in Los Angeles, CA most of the time.  Therefore, in case you require his/her services in Las Vegas, Nevada, certain travel expenses might apply.

Services Provided:

Qualifications of our Chinese translator in Las Vegas

Court Certified Mandarin Interpreter Certificate
American Translators Association Associate Member Certificate

Currently teaching translation and interpretation courses at University of California, Los Angeles Extension Program as well as LA Institute of Translation and Interpretation.


$0.30-0.40/word for written translation

$90/hour for Mandarin consecutive interpretation

$150/hour for Chinese simultaneous interpretation

Travel expenses might apply.

Please contact us for more information.

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