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Chinese Symbols, Chinese Characters

Customized Chinese Symbols for Tattoos, Decorations, and Images

1. Introduction to Chinese Symbols
2. Chinese Symbols are Popular for Arts, Decorations, Tattoos, Brand-Building
3. Customized Chinese Symbols for Tattoos, Decorations, and Images (A service provided by us)
4. Chinese Business Name Translation

Introduction to Chinese Symbols

In Chinese, each symbol stands for an entire word, with a specific meaning. This means that, more or less, every word in the Chinese language is written with a different symbol.

The earliest symbols in the development of Chinese writing were pictographic, that is they graphically depicted certain objects. The symbol for the word "dog" was a picture of a dog, the symbol for the word "horse" was a picture of a horse, etc.  Gradually, these Chinese symbols evolved over the years, and formed different writing styles, or similar to fonts in western language. 

In the 1970's, the Chinese government in the mainland simplified a portion of Chinese characters, or Chinese symbols, aimed at reducing illiteracy rate through making Chinese characters easier to write and recognize.  However, when seen as a traditional form of art, as well as when it is used for tattoos, or decorations, traditional, unsimplified Chinese symbols are used.

Chinese Symbols are Popular for Arts, Decorations, Tattoos, Brand-Building

Chinese symbols are gaining more and more popularity in the West.  Many young people choose to tattoo their bodies using Chinese symbols.  In fact, Chinese characters were widely used not only in China, but also in Japan, and until recently, also in South Korean and North Korea, Vietnam, and to a certain extent in the past, Mongolia.

Chinese symbols give people a strong esthetic appeal.  They are beautiful, and they fascinate not only Chinese, but also non-Chinese.

With the influence of Japanese samurai movies, ninjas, video games, sushi, Chinese martial arts, and Chinese cuisine,  Chinese actors and actresses such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Zhang Ziyi, Lucy Liu (Asian American), Chinese symbols have become a "cool thing" for young people.

Customized Chinese Symbols for Tattoos, Decorations, and Images

Los Angeles Chinese Learning Center provides customized Chinese symbols for tattoos, decorations, brand-building and images.

While it is possible to generate Chinese characters using computer software, many people prefer our Chinese calligraphers to write customized Chinese characters for them so that their Chinese symbols will be different from others with a more personalized image.  Moreover, in Chinese and Japanese culture, it is unacceptable to use computer generated Chinese characters to use for decorations, professional images, or brand-building purposes.

Our calligraphers, or Chinese symbol artists, would write artistic customized Chinese characters in different styles of writings according to your need.  They can be used for decoration, brand-building, tattoos, and other purposes.  Characters are written using Chinese calligraphic brushes.

Please also see Chinese Calligraphy and information on "Learn Chinese Characters"


$10 to $25/character

Contact US

When contacting us, please write what kind of Chinese symbols you are interested in our calligraphers to write for you as well as the style, size, and the use of the Chinese characters.

Contact us for more information.


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