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Learn Chinese Characters - Easy Way to Learn Chinese Characters

By Samuel Chong

Although knowing Chinese characters is a necessity for learning Chinese, learning Chinese characters can be fun and easy. 

Importance of Learning Chinese Characters:

Traditional Chinese Characters vs. Simplified Chinese Characters

Currently, there are two main versions of Chinese: Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Simplified Chinese is the result of reducing some strokes from the traditional characters to make it simpler to remember and write.  Current,

Traditional Chinese characters are used in:

Simplified Chinese characters are used in:

Easy Way to Learn Chinese Characters
(Price: $30)
Please click Easy Way to Learn Chinese Characters to order this book from us.

Learn Chinese Characters"Easy Way to Learn Chinese Characters" teaches you to learn simplified Chinese characters the easy and systematic way.  It goes in depth about the patterns and structure and composition in Chinese characters.  For example, it lists all the common Chinese characters related to water, in which most of them have the "water radical" in it.  We strongly recommend this book.

Please also read the review about this book from Roddy, an Irish who is learning Chinese in China.

"There are lots of books that will claim to teach you Chinese characters, and I'm only going to recommend one of them. Entitled the 'Easy Way to Learn Chinese Characters' the book does actually go some way to living up to its title. Most of the textbooks I have seen give you a text and then ask you to learn characters from the text. While this is all very well, it ignores the patterns of structure and composition in Chinese characters. This book doesn't give you any texts, but instead asks you to learn characters according to similarity - for example, all characters with the water radical, or all characters composed of two other characters side by side. This means you are learning characters in sets and groups rather than individually. A very good book indeed, and I credit it with teaching me to read Chinese. Or at least, with teaching me to learn that Chinese which I can read."


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