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Chinese Simultaneous Translator:

Chinese Mandarin Simultaneous Translators and Interpreters

When doing Chinese simultaneous interpretation, a Chinese simultaneous translator needs to interpret at the same time as the speaker, and is the most common mode of interpreting used in courts and conferences and events.

Currently, we have two qualified Chinese Simultaneous Translators (Interpreters):

Chinese Simultaneous Translator in Los Angeles: Samuel

Chinese Simultaneous Interpreter in New York: Raymond


Chinese Simultaneous Interpretation: $200/hour

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Facts About Chinese Simultaneous Interpreters

1. There are Very Few Chinese Simultaneous Interpreters in the United States

Because of the high demands of Chinese simultaneous interpretation, being a Chinese/English language bilingual is a basic requirement, and a Chinese simultaneous interpreter not only have to be able to interpret consecutively, but also has to be able to render the source language into the target language when the speaker is talking. 

Normally, a Chinese simultaneous interpreter needs at least 5 years of basic language learning, 2 years of translation and interpretation training, as well as 2 years of professional simultaneous interpretation training.

2. The Demands for Chinese Simultaneous Interpreters are Rising

With increased exchanges between China and the rest of the world,  more and more international conferences and events require Chinese simultaneous interpreters.  Another demand comes from courts in the United States as increased Chinese speaking people are involved in legal litigations.

3. Simultaneous Interpreters' Pay and Work Environment

With limited supply and increased demand, Chinese simultaneous interpreters receive a higher pay than Chinese consecutive interpreters.  In the US, the minimum pay for a Chinese simultaneous interpreter is $200/hour.  In China, it is $120/hour (or 1000 yuan/hour). 

In the United Nations, a Chinese simultaneous interpreter works for 20 minutes and a one hour conference would require three Chinese simultaneous interpreters, each working 20 minutes.

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