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Screenplay Chinese Research:

Chinese Research for Screenplays and Screenwriters

 by Abacus Consulting & Chinese Translation Services

Abacus Consulting and Chinese Translation Services provides Chinese culture research for screenplays and screenwriters. Also see Chinese research for screenwritiers

Our Chinese Research for Screenplays and Screenwriters Include:

Our Clients Include:

"The Closer" - Provided Chinese cultural consultations to one of the screenwriters, Mandarin language coaching to its actors and actresses, as well as casting assistance.

Chow Yun-Fat in "Pirates of the Caribbean III" - Provided Chinese translations and interpretations, subtitle translation and interpretations to his interview in Mandarin.

Jackie Chan - Provided Chinese translations of his Mandarin interview into English for subtitles

Gong Li in "Miami Vice" - Provided Chinese/English translations and interpretations

Rupert Murdoch - Provided simultaneous Mandarin/English interpretations for him in an interview with Phoenix TV.


Chinese Translator in Los Angeles- Samuel Chong

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