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Corporate Chinese Class in San Jose or Sunnyvale (Also South San Francisco)

With Chelsea 

(Tutors all levels of corporate Chinese class also offers private class in Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, San Francisco, San Jose)

If our Chinese tutor is unavailable, you might wish to consider to learn Chinese online via Podcast & MP3

Also see Certified Mandarin and Cantonese Interpreter/Translator in San Francisco

From Chelsea:

Hi, my name is Chelsea. I have been a professional bilingual teacher (Mandarin and English) for over ten years. I consider teaching is my calling. Over the past year, I have taught Mandarin lessons at Google (Mountain View) as a full-time contractor. Now I work full time as a private Mandarin tutor, mainly in the South Bay area. My students include engineers, lawyers, business executives, and financial professionals. If you would like to have a professional Mandarin tutor, I am one of the very few choices in the Bay Area you can find (since few Chinese here are trained in the language teaching area). In addition, I dedicate ALL my working hours in teaching Mandarin. When I am not in class, I prepare lessons and working on Chinese teaching materials. 

Please review my resume and contact us if you are interested. Thank you.

Please also contact us for a corporate Chinese instruction proposal.  Chelsea is also a Chinese Translator in San Jose

Chelsea's Resume

· Over ten years of bilingual teaching experience
· Strong background in education, linguistics and second language acquisition
· Experience in Chinese curriculum and textbook development
· Experience in assessment tool design for second language learners
· Great understanding of both English and Chinese language structures
· Excellent enunciation as a standard Mandarin speaking model
· Skilled in creative writing, translation between English and Chinese
· Understand both China and Taiwan style of communications; use both simplified and traditional characters

PhD candidate in Theatre, University of Kansas, Kansas; finished all course work
M.A. in Theater, University of Missouri-Columbia, Missouri
B.A. in English, National Taiwan Normal (Teachers’) University, Taipei, Taiwan

Mandarin Chinese Tutor, the Bay Area
Nov. 2000 (part time) –present (full time)

Tutoring Mandarin Chinese to professional adults. The clients include the employees of major high tech companies in the Silicon Valley--i.g. Google, Microsoft, 3Com, Cadence, Semantics; and finance companies: i.g. Sutter Hill Ventures.
Developing Chinese language reading materials for English speaking learners;
Training Chinese teachers in Mandarin teaching.

Mandarin Chinese Instructor, Google, Inc. (Mountain View)
Oct. 2004-Nov.2005 (one year contract)
Full time on-site Mandarin Instructor for the Google employees. Developed language programs for individuals and groups at different levels. Have taught around 100 employees over the year. The students include engineers, sales, lawyers and employees in the finance and administration.

Director of the Chinese Program, International School of the Peninsula (Palo Alto)
Jul. 2002- Jun. 2003

Developed the Chinese curriculum for children K-Grade 5; created new textbooks for 1st - 5th graders. Trained and supervised the Chinese teachers. Oversaw the daily operation of the Chinese program. Acted as parent-school liaison and represented the school in the Chinese community.

Mandarin Chinese Teacher, Language Studies Institute (Palo Alto)
Mar.2001-Jan. 2002
Taught adult group classes and acted as a head Chinese teacher.

Mandarin Chinese Teacher, West Los Angeles Chinese School (W. Los Angeles)
Sep. 1997-May 1998
Taught Chinese to students grade 6-8 at the weekend Chinese school.

Television Producer, International Channel (West Los Angeles)
Mar. 1995-Aug.1998
Produced specials, demos, promos, commercials and news programs in multiple languages. Work included all aspects of production: creative-writing, budgeting, recruiting crew and talent; directing studio and field productions; conducting post-production editing. Coached actors and voice-over talents during the productions. Translation between multiple languages was also part of the job.

Director/Head Teacher, Kang-Dze English Language School (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)
Feb. 1999-Aug. 2000
Supervised a staff of ten employees at an after-school language institute; created a successful after-school program and English language curriculum for children age 6-10; developed marketing strategy and oversaw the daily operation of the school; taught ESL to the 3rd graders..

English Teacher, Taipei Hsi-Sung Middle School and Kaohsiung Feng-Lin Middle School
Sept. 1982-Aug. 1988
Taught ESL (English as Second Language) to students age 12-14 at two public schools in Taiwan.

Other Information:

Rate: $70/hour for 1 hour class or $60/hour for 1.5 hour class.
Each meeting is 1.5 hr. minimum, unless there is no traveling time involved for the tutor.

Meeting locations:
Campbell downtown—for San Jose and surrounding areas
Mountain View downtown—for Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Palo Alto, Menlo Park areas

There will be additional traveling cost if lessons are given at your specified location.

How to Reach Chelsea:

Please contact us for more information.

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