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Quebec Travel Article

Quebec's Mysteries

by Diya Thapar

A breeze settles into the St. Lawrence as me and my family sail on a delightful cruise. The gentle slopes and small lMountains in the distance in Quebec make quite a view from where I am sitting. It seems that Quebec is like France, in fact it seems so much like France that it has by the Francophones often been termed "Small France". Quebec also is a gorgoeus province, that spreads it's wing's towards both sides of the St. Lawrence. on one side, we have the pristine and untouched beauty of Old Quebec dotted, with tiny romantic lamps, and on the other we have the Quebec City boasting of one, of the best architecture found in the world.

Commercial, yet somehow retaining it's rural charm in Old Quebec one can cathc a street show or just while the hours hanging at shops, that sell anything from souvenieors to Art. Infact Quebec's Street-Art is so famous that people sit for hours just to have a perfect sketch of themselves drawn by professional artisits whilst onlookers, cheer on.

Old Quebec, unlike the new one on the other, hand boasts of lovely and pretty cafe's and the ocean of course, via which one can pick from a choice of cruises. Taking in the full beauty of Old Quebec also, means discovering this wonderful City on foor. Going to the maple-syrup shops, in the evening, to indulge in the best syrup buying and enjoying the hospitality of the French Old Style. One can sample, from beef and mashed potatoes with syrup to, exotic fishes like: halibut as a meal to one of their trips to old Quebec.

One does not only want to stop there, of course and so they can choose from a number of Cruise Ship Trips, in the world-renowned Zodia, the likes of which are also popular in Vancouver (British Columbia) In Quebec, the views from the Zodia, to do whale-watching Old City stlye are just majestic. One can look out towards the St. Lawrence as it moves towards the Atlantic Ocean in this spped-cruise, where you definetly are in for an andrealin rush.

After the Cruise, it is a good idea to take a bicycyle and tour like that some of the old, city charms and dotted towns and villages which Old Quebec is famous for. Surrouded ny, lush greenery one comes across a multitude of Old Victorian Buildings, standing in front of the majestic St. Lawrence. As you pedal away, and feel the breeze in your hair you, feel as if you wnat to keep coming to this part of Canada again and again.

Besides, the grand Mountains and the lovely Lakes and Streams dotting the majestic island of Old Quebec, the province also boasts of quite a multitude of Museums. Teh Old Quebec City is proud to have the Quebec Museum, displaying arts and crafts of the finest types. Here one finds, statues and abstract paintings. Quebec also has a religious flair to it, which is hard to miss as one comes across a Church every five miles.

In New Quebec, there are plenty of nature activites to enjoy. Some of which include, walking in the scenic trails, enjoying a bike ride in the forges. Not to miss are the Palacades, here which are basically massive rock carvings and monuments carved out of the oldest rock in North America. Just one visit, to a Palacade, will entrance you and make you wnat to revisit the wonders of the province of Quebec.


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