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Quebec Travel Article

The One Solitude

by Diya Thapar

Quietly, as the breeze rushes to the side of the ocean and raises, it's arms and welcomes all to it's foray the St. Larence seaway opens up. Teh seaway consists of the Atlantic Ocean water's now having the St. Larence river mixed in with it. The St. Lawrence River is just a gigantic and the most beautiful river out there, as it glistens and shines, shimmers, and gleams, one cannot help but wonder at how lovely this river is. The river also calls out to all those people, who care to hear it's rushing and gushing sound, and be able to sing it's song of praise.

The lovely St. Lawrence River shines like pearls, on a soft afternoon, and it moves towards the Atlantic Ocean. Tourists can watch the St. Lawrence Seaway from th cruise boat, or they can take can take the Zodiac which is, basically consisting of whale-watching in order to take in the true wonders of the St. Lawrence Seaway with it's gigantic waves chrashing on the surfaces of the rocks. I also like, to watch the gorgeous colors, of the falll leaves as they shimmer and gleam especially during fall, in Quebec. The gorgeous Mountains surrounding Quebec rise up to the sky like a fortress rising up to the pyramids. They shine and gleam, becokning all those who wish to hear. The Mt. Tremblant is gorgeous in winter for skiing in Quebec, the slopes of this lovely mountain raise avalanches and srfs of snow and one can almost feel as though they are skate-boarding from off the top of an gigantic hill. The people in Quebec are lovely like the scenery, they extend warmth, and care to all those around them.

Out first day in the magnificeint city of Quebec gleaming like a jewel in a crown consisted, of going for long hikes in the lovely trails of Tremblant, which because of the time of the year we went there was snow free. However, we enjoyed viewing the lovely sunshine, and the thick luscious leaves blooming after a long time. It was a nature's paradise., a natural enthusiast's delight. Many folks were, doing the same and we greeted so many smiling faces on the way. We also took some great shots, by the goft shops. which is just amazing due to the lovely totem poles, which stand here. Each totem pole, speaks a language of it's own as if written many centureis ago, by ancient myth and legend, to recall the tremendous sense of creativity which the natives had when they first started building establishement's to live in Quebec.\

Just outside, Quebec there are, lovely churches and farm-houses, each one speaks a language of it's own. It is like, going back to another time, to be surronded by the lovely barns, remining one of once again returning to the basics and returning to nature in order to rekindle the divien spark within. It is also nice, to hav ehte smell of forests, infiltrate the air and breathe it in, to relax yourself from the stress of the city life. The City of Quebec along with lovely waters, and forests, and gorgeous native art in the form of totem-poles also boasts of quaint resturant's.

Some of the best hubs to eat, in the City are close to the down-town core, where millions of travellers go, for a hike across the town to check in some of the special places to eat. If, you are looking for a different dinning experience then the gorgeous resturant decorated with flourecent lights and playing soft jazz music is a perfect place to go to. This is La' Quebec boasting, of some lovely colors and great table settings, this place exudes a warmth and charm which keeps customer's happy and ocming back. The resturant has a pleasant staff and the ambaince reminds one of being in a quiet corner of Troonto, winding down a evening with a cappacino in hand.

There are pleasant dishes on the menu, such as fillet million, and crab of Kabul, with intersting names, and some desserts, which have just a interesting sound as taste. These are caramel chocolate cake with whipped creame, lovely and soft mashed potatoes.

The mashed potatoes, in Quebec are generally especially good with a certain pungent taste. They are also lovely to take home or on a picnic when enjoying the outdoor wonders of Quebec. There are certain other things which Quebec boasts of like the ravines, the City of Old Quebec is also filled with many natural wonders, such as the St. lawrence river, and many families during summer time like to do their own boating here, taking in the views of the city which from here look lovely.

New Quebec City has some of the charm and the warmth of the Old Quebec City and much of the same white buildings covering the City in a angelic feel, around and it has one more extra thing which is the lovely gem of markets. Wherever one goes, one will find old and new types of market's specialiing in old and new types of clothes and leather goods. These markets are really exquisite and have a cahrm of their own. They speak to the multiculturalism which Quebec boasts of today, selling multiculral ware. They also showcase some of the finest arts and crasts, as well as print desighns which could be coming out of Quebec.

Our second day, in Quebec fortunately was blessed with being able to make the time to take in a lovely drive as well as a visit to the Markets, in New Quebec. Which has, some of the most magnificient, scenery and cultural icons the City has seen. Another famous place, to take in when in New Quebec, is the gorgeous outdoor scene of the down-town with it's lovley horse-drawn carriages, and scenic views from the outside, sitting in one of the many lovley cafe's which dot this part of the City. There are other things, which New Quebec City boasts of such as the massive church structures, standing tall with white marble shinning from a distance, like a light becokining. The lovley marble structures in Quebec City are, the type which speak volumes about the great sense of imagination and color that Quebec presents itself with.

The last four days of me, and my family in Quebec were spent in taking in the gorgeous colors of the market-place in Old Quebec City and the lovlely Palacades' that decorated the great and massive rocks close to the lovely St. Lawrence River. The colors of the rocks, by the water and how they jutted out, showed the brilliant and magnificent vistas that this part of Canada, has to offer for the rest of us. With the Vistas of Quebec City, there also comes, the lovely scenic sight of statues which have been carved out, of the rocks. These are just spectacular pieces of art-work, displayed for all to take in the true wonders of Quebec.


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