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(La Vida de Brenda)

Hi, Hello People!!

My Name is Brenda Hernandez and this is my story?

A friend of mine asked me to write of few words of my life ?.. I didn't know what to say , what to talk about, there is a lot of memories I'd like to share with you guys ... but , What would be better? Something advantageous for the people who are taking the time to read it? Should I talk about the time when my mom passed away??? My mom got divorced when I was 2 years old and my Dad moved on to an other city ? so when that happened , there was only me, a 14 years old girl taking decisions all by her own ?What a disaster!!! No, that is not what I wan to talk about? too sad!

Should I tell you about me getting illegally into the states ? That was incredible!!!... My Mom wasn't there anymore and my Dad was in jail.. how can an under age girl get a passport to go to the states if that???? There is no way to get it! (no legally) ? I don't wan to get into deep details? I got in the states, I was there going to school living with my sister , 6 moths later I quitted going to school and started to work. I wanted to finish high school but I needed money though ? I could not live with my sister anymore longer.. Do the counts, it was 3 years "my rules" , so I got money and got my place-LIBERTY (that word definably define me). But liberty does not mean happiness, No! I really missed my mom, even her rules, my house, being a child... STILL MISS THAT!!!

My job was ok , no body to speak Spanish with , remember that I quitted going to school , which means I didn't take any more ESL classes, so I didn't speak any English "WHAT WERE THEY SAYING????". I didn't understand one word! I cried night over night , I cried at work many times , I needed desperately to learn English , so I put much attention to every single word that my Boss said to me , and I figured out what he was trying to tell me ! that's how it worked! Plus my coworkers were really nice to me, I got to loved them as a family: Mike, Marsha, Karen, Lee Anh , Angela, Christy, Judy and Dinah.

Dinah Bunnell , also my roommate and best friend? Thank you Dinah for everything you did for me, thanks to all your family, Mom, Dad, Lee, Christy (my c1), Heather? I love you guys!!! My American Family.
Well, everything got better, I wasn't a teenager anymore (which is really good), I had a full time job, I was making good money!. But guess what, now I am back in Mexico.

Why???? Is that really important???? Here I am, in Mexico and I am planning to go to college in January next year? Psychology.

I don't know, plans change all the time, we'll see.


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