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We Need Chinese Teachers or Chinese Tutors

Learning Chinese is becoming a trend in many parts of the world.  Los Angeles Chinese Learning Center is constantly hiring for new tutors.

In order to become a tutor for our institution, please send us your resume and a cover letter in English through email.  Please see Contact Us section for more information about our email address. All emails without your resume will be ignored.

Location Where Chinese Tutors are Needed:

Various cities around the world.

Nature of the Position:

The positions are part time positions.  You and students arrange for time and location for tutoring.  We provide contacts for you as well as other services upon demand.


1. Have teaching experience

2. Be able to communicate in local languages with little difficulty.

3. Allow us to post your teaching experiences online so that our potential students can know something about you.

4. Be ready for a telephone interview.

5. Referral fees may apply depending on locations.

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