The address for the November meeting is:

Ken Edwards Center Room 100A
1527 4th Street., Santa Monica

Directions: Take the 10 West to 4th/5th Street exit. Keep left at the fork in the ramp. Turn right onto 4th Street. 1527 is between Colorado and Broadway on 4th Street. You can drop off passengers and plants at the entrance and park underground. Assigned spots are available to you outside of regular business hours. There is an elevator to the street level rooms.

Topic: The Rare Fruit of Australia

Speaker: Roger Meyer

Fruit guru Roger Meyer will tell us about the rare fruit of Australia and New Zealand. After our September meeting, Roger and Shirley took a group of plant enthusiasts to Australia and New Zealand, to study fruit there, taste it, and bring some back. He will share what he learned “down under” and show slides he took in various places in the Brisbane area.

Roger will also talk about the American PawPaw (Asimina triloba) and Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus undatus and Cereus peruvianus). In the snail mail version of this newsletter I erroneously suggested that the Paw Paw was a native of Australia and Roger had brought some back from there. Instead, these are actually topics he covered in talks he gave in Australia to introduce Australians to the Paw Paw and the Dragon Fruit. He took Paw Paw seeds to Australia, not the fruit home, as the Paw Paw is native to America and not to Australia!

As before, Roger will bring fruit to sample and plants for sale! However, he will not bring as many plants as he brought to the September meeting, so be sure and call or email him to place special orders. He will bring your orders to the meeting. (714) 839-0796

In case you no longer have your list available from the last newsletter, here are some of the trees he has available: Lychee, Longan, Mango, Barbados Cherry, Surinam Cherry, Cherry Rio Grande, Kong White Wax Jambu, Grumichama, and Hong Kong Pink Guava, Starfruit, Pitahaya, Chico Sapote, Ylang Ylang, Green Sapote, All Spice, Bay Rum, Malay Apple, Peanut Butter Tree, Rose Apple, Cherimoya, Atemoya, Canistel, Black Sapote, Kei Apple, Big Jim Loquat, Yellow kiwi, Jakfruit, Guanabana, Jambolan, Sausage Tree, Ice Cream Bean, Jujube, and Green Kiwi (both sexes on one plant).

We will have a big raffle, as usual. This is a good time to plant less delicate trees. So, remember to get raffle tickets. And, please being any plants you may have to add to the size and variety of the raffle.

Chapter News


September 11th before another overflow crowd, Roger Meyer, truly a Master Gardener, shared his vast knowledge and expertise with a riveted audience. Roger has been gardening since he was three years old (what a shame he wasted the first three years of his life). Roger and his wife, Shirley, travel around the world learning about and collecting rare tropical and subtropical fruits. They often organize groups of fellow rare fruit growers to travel with them. Tell Roger a tropical fruit can’t be grown or fruited in our climate and he will prove you wrong.

Roger shared his expertise for growing a variety of rare fruits and brought plants for these and many other types of fruit from the rare fruit tree nursery he and Shirley run in Fountain Valley that were offered for sale after the very interesting and interactive lecture. He also brought samples of fruit for everyone to try.

An exceptional lecture; another great collection of plants for the raffle, thanks to Charles Portney; a table full of tasty treats and a chance to visit with a great group of people; what greater way to spend a Saturday morning?

Roger Meyer

We want to make the West LA Chapter active and exciting. Don’t forget to take part in our chapter! We need your suggestions. We need your companionship. We really need your ideas for speakers and field trips. Come to the board meetings! Just tell any board member you would be interested in attending. We will be sure you get notice of the next meeting. We would love to have you!

Don’t forget to pay your national & local dues. Our parent CRFG depends on dues to maintain our meeting site insurance as well as to publish the Fruit Gardener. National dues are $30.
Brochures are always available at the meetings or on the internet site:

Our local chapter depends on dues to pay for site rental, newsletters, and purchase refreshment supplies. Local dues are only $5. Please send a check to Joan Wilder, treasurer (see address under chapter officers), or pay at the meeting. Even if you receive your notice by email, we still need your support.

At $5 we are the best deal in town!

2004 Chapter Officers

Joe Heinz

Vice Chairs:
Norma Heinz & Margaret Frane

Secretary: Selma Seps

Joan Wilder

Field Trip Coordinators:
Herb Lees
Plant Chair: Ray Bourguignon

Raffle: Claire Lees

Hospitality: Lily Downing

Janet Leigh
Hal & Cicely Golden

Chapter News Reporter:
Ray Bourguignon

Margaret Frane
Bring a friend who is interested
in growing rare fruit!

Please bring fruit you have
for either eating or display.
Other tasty goodies are always appreciated.

MEETING: Saturday Nov. 13, 2004 10:00 a.m.

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