MEETING: Saturday May 8, 2004 10:00 a.m.
Topic: Growing Blueberries in Southern California
Speaker: Ben Faber

Note new meeting site address

The address for the May meeting is:
Ken Edwards Center room 104
1527 4th Street., Santa Monica

Directions: Take the 10 West to 4th/5th Street exit. Keep left at the fork in the ramp. Turn right onto 4th Street. 1527 is between Colorado and Broadway. You can drop off passengers and plants at the entrance and park underground. Assigned spots are available to you outside of regular business hours. There is an elevator to the street level rooms.

Ben Faber, the Ventura County Extension Agent on Blueberries will speak to us on how to grow blueberries. Ben is THE renowned, California expert on blueberries and we are very fortunate that he agreed to come and speak to us. He will cover growing conditions, soils, watering, fertilizing, and varieties as well as answer all our questions. Other chapters are welcome. Sites recommended by Ben can be found on the last page.

Don't forget the Festival of Fruit scheduled for June 18, 19, and 20. Call for more information or go back and click on the Festival of Fruit site on the Home Page.

Chapter News:
The West LA chapter of the CRFG has our own website! Thank you very much Sam Chong, creator and web-master! Newsletters will be posted on the site (with some minor modifications). If you have information to share, please contact Margaret Frane. The site is:
You can also find the site under Local Chapters, West Los Angeles, on the parent CRFG website.

In March, David Silber gave a very interesting talk on the use of Tanglefoot barriers on the trunks of trees to prevent insects from climbing the trunks. Because tanglefoot would kill the tree if placed on the bark, David suggested covering the trunk with white paint, filling the bark irregularities with caulk, and then wrapping an inexpensive vinyl tape around an approximately 6 inch section of the tree. The Tangle foot is then placed on this smooth protective surface. We have a video copy of David's talk for anyone who missed it. David is always an exceptional speaker and we greatly appreciate him sharing his considerable knowledge with us. Thank you David!!

We hope to have a field trip this summer to the Papaya Tree Nursery, a rare fruit nursery in Granada Hills, founded by David Silber and wife Tina. Their son, Alex, is now in charge of the nursery.

Our April Field Trip to Soka University started out with a gloomy day that, in spite of predicted rain, became sunny and pleasant. Our guide, Tom Hayduk, horticulturist, and BRCN operations manager, gave up his day off to lead us. He gave a history of the Soka area including the ownership of the ranch by the Gillette family. He took us through the heated greenhouse where he starts propagation of native plants by cuttings and seeds. The next step is in an unheated greenhouse and finally out to an open area in pots. He explained the various native trees and plants used to landscape the ranch. They have a sale of native plants twice a year. They have a working relationship with Tree People Nursery, Audubon Society and even CRFG Green Scene.

Participants enjoyed a lovely picnic lunch around the lake afterwards. We got to see a mother swan sitting on her nest and then get up to turn her eggs while the daddy swam nearby. A large heron watched the fish (including many large koi) until he finally dove in and caught one. It was idyllic.

Many thanks to Lynn Maxon, who planned and carried out our blueberry purchase. The blueberry plants were absolutely remarkable in health and size. Lynn, your considerable work and commitment are much appreciated.

Members Bill Buchman and Ray Bourguignon have both returned home after hospital stays. Welcome home to both of you and we hope you are well, out enjoying your gardens, and can attend meetings very soon.

West LA Chapter in the community:

The West LA Chapter of CRFG will participate as an official Partner in ArtsDay LA Saturday, May 22nd, 2004 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM in Young Hall Courtyard on the UCLA campus. We will have table space to display fruit and fruit trees. We hope to promote the CRFG, encourage new members, and strengthen ties with other chapters of the CRFG and other related organizations. ArtsDay LA is conceived, organized and produced by the UCLA Extension Department of the Arts, of which Landscape Architecture is a part. The program will highlight a network of Partners who represent 25 diverse organizations, such as CRFG, that have a positive impact on the arts in LA. The event is free and open to all. All other chapters are welcome to participate. We want to promote the CRFG, not just our local chapter. This will be a highly publicized event with an extensive promotional campaign, including exposure in the UCLA Extension catalog and website, departmental periodicals, newsletters, etc. Anyone willing to donate plants, pictures, trees, time or fruit, please contact Margaret Frane.

The West LA Chapter of CRFG is committed to reaching out to our Community through a wide variety of Community Service activities. We are encouraging all of our members to participate. We need YOUR participation. Please contact one of your Chapter Officers with your ideas and pledge of support. The continued success of the West LA Chapter is only possible when ALL members carry their fair load.

Support your CRFG. Pay your national & local dues. Please recall that our parent CRFG depends on dues to maintain our meeting site insurance, as well as to publish the Fruit Gardener.
National dues are $30. Make checks payable to
CRFG, Inc. and mail to:
California Rare Fruit Growers
Fullerton Arboretum-CSUF
P.O. Box 6850
Fullerton, CA 92834-6850

Our local chapter depends on dues to pay for site rental, newsletters, and purchase supplies. Local dues
are $5. Please pay at the meeting. You may pay dues for several years at a time if you choose. Should you wish, you can pay dues for both national and local together. Give your check for $35 made out to the West LA Chapter to Joan and she will send in your national dues for you.

Take part in the group. We really need your ideas for speakers, field trips and possible meeting sites. Come to the board meetings! Just tell any board member you would be interested in attending. We would love to have you!

Sites recommended by Ben Faber:
UCCE Ventura: contains avocado handbook
UC Cooperative Extension:
UC Avocado Production Cost Data (Ventura and San Diego):
UC Avocado Info:
UC Fruit & Nut:
UC Integrated Pest Management Program:
UC Small Farm Center:
UC Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Center:
UC Postharvest Inform:
UC Publications:
UC Library Search:
UC Avocado Biocontrol:
UC Agricultural Labor Management:
UC Bee News:
UC Ag Econ Cost Studies for various crops:
UC Gardening:
UCR Subtropical Horticulture:

The following links are to sites outside of the UC domain. No endorsement is intended of products, services or information, nor is criticism implied of similar sites that are not mentioned.
CA Cherimoya Association:
Julia Morton's Rare Fruit Descriptions:
California Rare Fruit Growers:
CRB and back issues of Subtropical Fruit News:
Links to various ag suppliers:
USDA Market News Service:
Great Avo Info:
Ventura County Ag Commissioner:
ATTRA, source of diverse ag info:

Chair: Joe Heinz 310-457-3040
Vice Chairs: Norma Heinz & Margaret Frane
Secretary: Selma Seps
Treasurer: Joan Wilder
Field Trip Coordinator: Herb Lees
Plant Chair: Ray Bourguignon
Raffle: Claire Lees
Hospitality: Lily Downing
Newsletter: Hal & Cicely Golden, Janet Leigh
Membership: Margaret Frane 310-828-0092

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