MEETING: Saturday Sept. 11, 2004 10:00 a.m.

The address for the September meeting is:
Ken Edwards Center room 100A
1527 4th Street., Santa Monica
Directions: Take the 10 West to 4th/5th Street exit. Keep left at the fork in the ramp. Turn right onto 4th Street. 1527 is between Colorado and Broadway on 4th Street. You can drop off passengers and plants at the entrance and park underground. Assigned spots are available to you outside of regular business hours. There is an elevator to the street level rooms.


Speaker: Roger Meyer

Roger Meyer will speak to us on unusual fruit we can grow in our back yards. Roger and his wife Shirley have a flourishing rare fruit tree nursery in Fountain Valley. His talk will include fruiting trees, vines and bushes that we seldom see growing here but might want to try, such as the Jakfruit, which was long assumed to be impossible to
grow in this area. He will also cover some of the more familiar fruit, such as the Surinam Cherry and the Cherimoya.

Roger, a very active and long term member of the CRFG, is
exceptionally knowledgeable about tropicals and subtropicals and how to grow them in our climate. He and Shirley make fact finding trips to Asia, the Middle East, Europe, etc., to study and obtain plants. Sometimes he leads a group of plant enthusiasts to other countries.

Roger will bring fruit to sample and plants for sale! Call or email him to place special orders. He will bring your orders to the meeting. (714) 839-0796

Below are some of the trees he has available. He will bring a couple of each from list A, possibly one of each from list B, and will not bring any from list C unless you call and request the order.

List A: Lychee, Longan, Mango, Barbados Cherry, Surinam Cherry (1 gal), Cherry Rio Grande (1 gal), Kong White Wax Jambu, Grumichama (1 gal), and Hong Kong Pink Guava, Starfruit. Pitahaya, Chico Sapote

List B: Ylang Ylang, Green Sapote, All Spice, Bay Rum, Malay Apple, Peanut Butter Tree, Rose Apple (1 or 2 gal), Cherimoya, Atemoya, Canistel, Black Sapote, Kei Apple (1 gal), Big Jim Loquat, Yellow kiwi, Jakfruit, Guanabana

List C: Jambolan, Sausage Tree, Ice Cream Bean, Jujube, Green Kiwi (both sexes on one plant).

Chapter News

In August we enjoyed a field trip to the Papaya Tree Nursery, a rare fruit nursery in Granada Hills, run by Alex Silber. What a great nursery!!! We were all impressed by the number and quality of his trees. He has fruited trees most of us have only heard about. Alex is very knowledgeable and his explanations were thorough and clear, so that even the most novice among us could understand. He shared many good points on growing trees and how to make the most of what you plant, so you have successes rather than failures. He emphasized the need to thin to get better flavor and larger fruit and the need to prune almost all trees heavily. He even showed us how to air-layer in order to propagate new plants.

In the two plus hours Alex led us through his nursery, we covered a lot of areas of rare fruit growing and history. It is remarkable how he grows so much in a residential back yard! For example, we were very impressed with his Jin (now called Chang) jujube, an exceptionally tasty fruit on beautiful columnar trees, his heavily fruiting Sapodilla (or Chico Sapote), and his fruiting Jaboticaba. His caper bushes were beautiful and he explained, in detail, how to prepare the plant and brine needed to make the capers we use with our food.

At the end of the tour Alex shared some of his Miracle Fruit with us and then gave us each a slice of lemon to show the effects of the small, rather bland berry. The lemon tasted like sugar candy. Alex noted that the Miracle Fruit enhances almost all foods, including meats, but suggested avoiding it when you are drinking a good wine!

Alex provides a hand-out with a description of the plant and the varieties, planting suggestions, watering and fertilizer needs, general suggested care of the plant, and information about the fruit for each plant he sells. Thank you Alex, very much, for your great tour, and congratulations on your very impressive nursery.


We want to make the West LA Chapter active and exciting. Don't forget to take part in our chapter! We need your suggestions. We need your companionship. We really need your ideas for speakers and field trips. Come to the board meetings! Just tell any board member you would be interested in attending. We will be sure you get notice of the next meeting. We would love to have you!

Don't forget to pay your national & local dues. Our parent CRFG depends on dues to maintain our meeting site insurance as well as to publish the Fruit Gardener. National dues are $30. Brochures are always available at the meetings or on the internet site:

Our local chapter depends on dues to pay for site rental, newsletters, and purchase refreshment supplies. Local dues are only $5. Please send a check to Joan Wilder, treasurer (see address under chapter officers), or pay at the meeting. Even if you receive your notice by email, we still need your support.

At $5 we are the best deal in town!

Chair: Joe Heinz 310-457-3040 email:
Vice Chairs: Norma Heinz & Margaret Frane
Secretary: Selma Seps
Treasurer: Joan Wilder
Field Trip Coordinator: Herb Lees
Plant Chair: Ray Bourguignon
Raffle: Claire Lees
Hospitality: Lily Downing
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Chapter News Reporter: Ray Bourguignon
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