Field Trip: Saturday August 14, 2004 10:00 a.m.

Papaya Tree Nursery
12422 El Oro Way Granada Hills

Directions to Papaya Tree Nursery: Take the 405 North to the 118. Take the 118 West to Balboa Blvd. Turn North (right) onto Balboa and continue to Midwood Drive. Turn left on Midwood and then an immediate right onto El Oro Way. 12422 will be on your right.

The Papaya Tree Nursery is a wonderful rare fruit nursery founded by David and Tina Silber. Their son, Alex, is now in charge of the nursery. Alex, like David before him, grows fruit trees that are unavailable anywhere else, traveling to collect seeds and/or cuttings in faraway places. Before deciding to grow a new plant, they do very extensive research to learn about the plant's needs and possible problems, as well as the feasibility of developing the plant. Tina researches and develops recipes for the new fruits. Alex grows his trees to fruiting maturity to determine good varieties for Southern CA. David and Tina are long-term members of the CRFG and Alex grew up in the CRFG. You will be able to purchase plants. A list of plants available is attached.


Our next meeting will be September 11, at the Ken Edwards Center.

Blueberry order (available to members only):
Lynn Maxson will repeat last year's process for ordering blueberries from Fall Creek Nursery ( They were large, healthy, and fruiting this spring!

Lynn will accept orders for Southern and (N)orthern (an option this year) varieties: Biloxi, Emerald, Jewel, Jubilee, Millennia, Misty, Oneal, Ozarkblue, Santa Fe, Sapphire, Sharpblue, Southmoon, Star, and Legacy (N). He will order the "Grow Bag Gallon" ($3.95 ea.) We will apportion the "estimated" shipping and handling fees on a per plant basis. This should come to approximately $3.00 per plant, making a rounded total of approximately $7.00 per plant.

For you to order, Lynn needs your name, phone number, email address (if possible), the variety(ies) desired, and quantity of each. Relatively simple and to the point. Order as soon as possible to insure that you are able to take part in this blueberry bonanza!
Phone Lynn at 805.527.3912.
Or email him at
You can mail him your request:
Lynn Maxson, 1261 Ahart St.
Simi Valley, CA 93065,

If you are interested, he suggests you do it sooner rather than later.

Chapter News:

An overflow crowd was on hand for our July 10th meeting to find out why they should FEED THEIR SOIL, NOT THEIR PLANTS. Charles Portney, pinch-hitting for ailing Glen Young, hit a home-run with his informative and interesting talk about the benefits of all organic gardening

After many years of trial and error, Charlie has discovered the secrets of attaining almost perfect soil. Many of his methods are contrary to recognized gardening standards. Bottom line, they work! Plants that cannot be grown in our climate thrive in Charlie's garden.

What are some of his methods? Use only organic materials (avoid bone meal and blood meal); use compost only as a mulch, never dig it into your soil; do not dig up your entire planting area, just dig holes where you insert individual plants; you should not need to fertilize most plants, exceptions include container plants and some fast growing annual vegetables which should only need occasional feeding with cottonseed meal.
If you question these guidelines, you obviously have not visited Charlie's garden. Charlie thinks outside the planter box. THANK YOU, Charlie for a very enlightening and enjoyable Saturday morning.

We also had a HUGE plant sale, with hundreds of plants. Thanks to all who brought plants to share, and a special thanks to Charlie. No one needed to leave empty handed!

We also had many great-tasting fruits and other edibles. Thanks to those kind souls also! Sharing trees and bounty is a large part of the CRFG.

Glen Young is not yet fully recovered. Glen, we are hoping you are healthy and out there with your fruit trees very soon.

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