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Car Accident Tips

For the purpose of helping our site's visitors to handle mishaps such as car accidents, we provide the following tips for reference.  This tips by no means should be treated as legal advice.  For legal advice, please contact personal injury attorneys that specialize in this area.

Please also note laws in each state might be different.  Please contact your lawyers for more information.

? Don't just drive away from an accident, even a minor fender bender. Wait for a police officer to write a report.
? Exchange information with the other driver. Get the names and telephone numbers of as many witnesses as you can.
? As soon as possible after the accident, report it to your insurance company, even if you don't plan to make a claim. If you believe the other driver was at fault, contact his or her insurance company also.
? If there's a dispute about who's at fault, file the claim with your own company. The two companies will duke it out later over the amount each will pay.
? If your vehicle is going to require some repair, ask for a rental car or reimbursement for a rental car. Insist upon a vehicle that is similar to your vehicle.
? Don't agree to release the body shop or the insurer of final responsibility until you're comfortable that the repairs are complete and the vehicle operates properly.
? If you agree to take your car to an insurer's preferred body shop, insist that the insurer provide a lifetime guarantee on the repairs.
? To ensure the collision work was done correctly, consider hiring an independent company to evaluate the repair.
? If your vehicle is totaled, don't accept your insurance company's first settlement offer. Check or look at a used-car price guide to see what your car was worth.
? If you have a five-year lease or loan and owe more than the car is worth, ask for "substitution of vehicle," in which the loan or lease remains in force and the insurer finds you a similar vehicle as a replacement.

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