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How to increase productivity in your business?

Copyright © Cecilia Chang

Before discussing on your business success, let's talk about being a or work with a boss.

If you are your own boss, how do you behave? How do you react when you heard 'Boss' being an employee.

By doing your own business, you are your own boss having many employees under your management. You tend to feel high above anyone else. Many bosses will give a 'boss' look or giving a proud expression. Do you? Thus making your employees shaking the moment you come or discuss something with them.

This kind of behavior is not health for your business. Your workers might not feel close to you and afraid to talk things out with you. Work is not efficient when this situation happen.

Do you know that your employees can help you take note of some problems that you may have overlook and they can inform you immediately?

While if you are the only one doing all the work, problems might get notice when it's too late to solve. It is better to have more people rather than only one person to see the problem.

In order to increase your business productivity, you have to learn to become a good boss. Following are some points that can help you:

1. Leadership. You need to know the right way to lead or guide your people to the right flow to get things done. It is crucial to provide same quality service to all your branches as well.

2. Communication. Build up relationship between bosses and people like employees, colleagues and same line personal. Communicate with them and treat them as your friends rather than people who just coming to work for you or who you can gain from. Be frank and be true to anyone else.

3. Open-minded. Open yourself up to accept others advices or criticize. Do not just think that you are always correct and others are always wrong.

4. Effort. Put some effort on your people like remembering their names, ages and take some time out going to their important events like weddings...etc.

Among the above points, understanding is very important one. Let's talk about the customer service provider. You must know that arguments between customers and front desk workers are unavoidable. Often the customer's demand is too high to fulfill.

Everyone has their mood swing thus sometimes giving bad customer service. In coincidence, when you met a bad mood salesperson, service might not be so good. But so as the case, you cannot assume that the company is bad too. You cannot see one as a whole.

To sign a business contract, you can't avoid going to pubs or ktv for a drink. For these kind of understanding, you have to communicate with each other. When you understand each other, both side will be talking about the ROI (Return on Investments). Aren't you happy to know that?

Everything keeps changing, we also have to make some adjustments so as to adapt to these changes.

So the way to success is to communicate well. When your business productivity rate is high, success will come to you.

Cecilia Chang is an internet marketer and articles publisher at http://www.articles.sgonliners.com. Her personal business blog is located at http://www.blog.sgonliners.com. She builds a human edited web directory at http://www.sgonliners.com.

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