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Who can build your own business?

Copyright © Cecilia Chang

Anyone can be a boss if you’ve the skills and knowledge. But to be a boss can be easy and difficult.

Upon some readings, it seem to me that some entrepreneurs will become a boss easily if their parents are business persons. It is hereditary as said. Do you agree?

Following are 2 case studies on young entrepreneurs whose parents are business persons.

Case study 1

Martin who is 20yrs old, becomes his own boss. He owns 2 stores and preparing for the 3rd one, selling Germany hansa jaeger handbag.

During his 2nd grade in secondary school, his parent was declared bankruptcy that makes him choose to stop studying since his result wasn’t that good. His philosophy: “no matter what I do, I must be better than the same level people. Since I can’t study, why should I waste my time?”

He understands what he wants. That is to have a shop of his own, not 1 but have innovative and conception chain shop kingdom. Looking at how his parents do business since young, he has his own idea of making money.

At first, he start working on the internet at a computer game shop (LAN shop) for his daily expenses. At 15yrs old, his mum asks him to fly over alone to china to get some stocks to sell thus leading him towards his business path.

Case study 2

A poly graduate at the age of 22, has been his own boss for 3 times. The first is from his hobby of music that he set up an internet radio station to share the music he likes to everyone. This idea which is very popular in Europe and America, cannot succeed in Singapore.

The second, he’s being picked by his college to be part of the entrepreneurs project. In the project, they set up a small internet service company providing technology service including web design and domain name registration. With the experience from this project, a network of customers and the confidence build up, his friends and him open up their own company.

Due to his family members hereditary, his grandpa is also an entrepreneur, his parent is business person so under this kind of surroundings, at the age of 10, he decides to build his own business.

After graduating this year, he set up another company, voice over internet protocol service. He’ll not be taking over his parent business and will still continue to in search for more business opportunity.

From the above case studies, do you notice that both of their parents are business persons so there’s someone around to guide and advice on their business.

Is it true that to be your own boss need some hereditary reasons?

My father was his own boss once, he rented a factory making furniture. In the beginning, he was indeed making some profits, he has the skills but due to his little knowledge of handling this business, there was cash flow problems and was force to close up. He don’t have any advice for me then.

I think that you need people to lead you and from their experiences, they can give you advices towards building a successful business of your own.

Cecilia Chang is an internet marketer and articles publisher at http://www.articles.sgonliners.com. Her personal business blog is located at http://www.blog.sgonliners.com. She builds a human edited web directory at http://www.sgonliners.com.

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