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Watchdata System Co.
Company Profile and Private Investigations

Company Profile:

Watchdata Systems is a company in the data security technology industry. Since the establishment in1994, Watchdata has been developing and providing security enabling solutions for electronic transaction applications and data critical e-commerce activities, based on its expertise in data security & encryption technology.

With the development of the China’s first own proprietary smart card operating system the TimeCOS in 1995, Watchdata was one of the driving forces in improving security for electronic transaction systems and has played a key and defining role in the introduction of smart card technology to China. Watchdata’s offerings range from smart card operating system, smart card, card terminals, card management system, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) products to security consultant.

TimeCOS- the high security generic smart card operating system is in compliance with international ISO standard and other domestic and international industrial standards, including the ISO 7816-1/2/3/4/5/6, the ISO 14443,the People’s Bank of China Banking IC Card Standard, the China Social Insurance Card Standard, the European Master-Visa card standard (EMV2000), etc. TimeCOS has therefore emerged to become a complete family of multi-application products meeting the highest security standards.

Watchdata remains committed to providing data security to companies and organizations both in the public and commercial sectors, and Watchata helps IT services realize higher levels of security. Being the market leader in China and worldwide Top 10 smart card vendor in 2001, Watchdata has provided leading edge innovative security solutions to meet the secure transaction needs of many organizations. Watchdata’s solutions are applicable to a broad range of Industry sectors.

Watchdata has a wealth of experience in multi-application and nation-wide smart card projects thus has been continually gaining important market and technology insights through its active participation in many standardization committees, for instance the ISO 14443 Committee for contactless smart card standard, the working committee for New China Banking IC Card Standard, the Digitalize Action group for the Digital Olympic of Beijing City. These strong assets enable Watchdata to offer consulting and project management for multi-application card projects as well as the customized development of smart card applications. In addition to traditional contact and contactless smart cards, Watchdata is also a world premier in the first large-scale implementation of dual interface smart cards.

Headquartered in Beijing, Watchdata has established local subsidiaries and technical support teams in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu, as well as an international office in Singapore to cater for the international market, exporting to Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, India, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy and the United States.

Our Private Investigations:

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