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Spanish Translation and Interpretation

Certified Spanish Court Interpreters and Medical Interpreters in Los Angeles, California

 LA Institute of Translation and Interpretation
2975 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 205
Los Angeles, CA 90010-1141

Toll Free: (866) 327-1004

Translation Services

We provide accurate and fluent translation and turn your product manuals, catalogues, newsletters, patents, brochures, data sheets and trade show posters into matching Spanish language versions. We provide premium quality of services at average price. Most of our translators are certified or are recruited by Intel through examinations as Intel freelance linguists. They are both proficient in their language pairs and well versed in technical and IT terminology.

We also provide certified translation for INS (Immigration and Naturalization Services), birth certificate, death certificate, etc.

Interpreting Services

We provide interpreting services in Spanish with Certified translators for conferences, training sessions, business negotiations, corporate events and legal proceedings, such as court depositions. We also offer in-country and conference call interpreting to meet your communication needs.

Business Interpreting

When you go to Spanish-speaking countries on trips involving business negotiations, do you wish you could have an interpreter who is on your side? We provide interpreters to go with you so that you can have the advantage at the table and close business deals on your terms. We will also help to make all of your travel arrangements within your destination country to ensure your trip will be a pleasant one.

Conference Call Interpreting

When you need to call your business partners in Spanish-speaking countries but they do not speak English, we can help to interpret for you during the conference call. We will also help to do the pre-conference liaison for you and arrange a time for the call that is convenient for all parties involved so that you can concentrate on the message you want to get across.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpretation services in various languages available for conferences.

Please contact

LA Institute of Translation and Interpretation
2975 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 205
Los Angeles, CA 90010-1141

Phone: 213-385-7781
Email: info@latranslation.com

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