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The Chinese Language Learning Trend - from Los Angeles Chinese Learning Center

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Los Angeles Chinese Learning Center is the largest and leading Chinese language and cultural learning organization that uses the Internet as a way to advertise ourselves.  Students found information about us as well as our tutors from the Internet.

We have tutors located in different parts of Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Seattle, San Jose, San Francisco, Berkeley, Houston, Dallas, Boston, Baltimore, Memphis, Tokyo, and London. 

Number of People Who Have Learned From Our Tutors:

Over the last two years, conservatively estimating, more than 2,500 students have learned Chinese from our tutors.

Statistics of Our Students Learning Chinese (Year 2005):

Male: 57%  Female: 43%

Adults: 82% Children: 18%

Caucasians: 72%  Asians: 23%  Rest: 5%

Working People: 94%  Students: 6%

Reasons for Learning Chinese (Year 2005):

For work, because company is doing business in China or Chinese speaking communities in the US:  55%

Interested in Chinese culture and languages: 15%

For family reasons (has a Mandarin speaking spouse or relative): 15%

For potential opportunities in China: 10%

For other reasons: 5%

In Los Angeles, Most of Our Students Come From the Following Industries:

Manufacturing: 35%

Financial and Consulting: 20%

Legal: 15%

Entertainment: 10%

Others: 20%

Our Students Come From the Following Companies:

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, United Talent Agency, Samsung, Mattel, Autozone, The China Group, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, the Deutsche Bank, etc.

Information About Our Tutors:

All of our tutors at least have a Bachelor's Degree.  Many of them have a Master's degree or a PhD.  The majority of them come from Mainland China, but a few of them come from Taiwan.

All of them are interviewed by telephone and are confirmed to speak Standard Mandarin and to have an interest in teaching.

Many of the tutors work part time or already have a full time job.  A few of them are devoted in teaching full time.

Chinese Language Learning Trends:

We started promoting ourselves in 2002, when a student complained that he could not find a Chinese tutor in Los Angeles after visiting the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles as well as Chinatown.  Since then, our students grew at a steady but an increasing number.

In 2004, we decided to help prospective students in other cities to find Chinese tutors.  Therefore, we added tutors in New York, Chicago and other cities on our website.

In the very beginning such as in 2002 and 2003, people wanted to learn Chinese mainly for family reasons or that they were interested in the culture.  However, since 2004, more and more students want to learn Chinese for business reasons.

In the second half of the year 2005, after Time and Newsweek Magazine's article on China, we saw a increase of parents wanting their children to learn Chinese.

Do Non-Chinese Speakers Think Mandarin is Difficult to Learn?

Mike Wright, after acquiring Spanish and German in high school and college, and after learning Mandarin in 1963, Japanese in 1967, and Arabic in 1973 in the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California, states that "Mandarin is the easiest by far." It is "pretty easy for native English speakers, while Japanese is one of the most difficult".  To read more, please visit Mandarin is Easy for English Speakers.

Most of our students think Chinese is a very logical language, however, the pronunciation is a little bit challenging.  Overall, Chinese is not as difficult as they thought.

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