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History of Christianity in China

We are in search of an objective article on the history of Christianity in China.  

While we have searched thoroughly on http://www.google.com , we were unable to find a comprehensive and objective publishable article on the history of Christianity in China.

Although Christianity in China has thousands years of history, little is discussed on the history of Christianity in China.  A few articles offer some information, but not comprehensive enough for us to consider.  Others are purely subjective, written by those who have not traveled to China recently and who lacks knowledge about current changes in China.  These articles we found emphasized on prosecutions of Christians in China, as well as the authors' extreme dissatisfaction towards the Chinese government (even though Chinese people have enjoyed greater improvement in terms of religious rights and religious freedom than any other country in the world since 1978).

Christianity is now one of the biggest religions in China, second only to Islam.  It would be inconceivable that little is written about the history of Christianity in China.

We challenge Christians and non-Christians alike to write such an article, objective enough for Christians and non-Christians alike to understand the history of Christianity in China.  Please contact us for more information.

So far, we have received the following feedbacks:

1. Karen Street contacted us and recommended two books

1) "The Discovery of Genesis", by C.H. Kang and E.R. Nelson
2) "Genesis and the Mystery Confucius Couldn't Solve", by E.R. Nelson and R.E. Broadberry

These books do not focus on the the persecutions of Christians in China, but
the origins of the Chinese characters.

Both are published by Concordia Publishing House.

2. P. Lane Williams provided us with Chapter 3 of His Book

Christians in China

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