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  It?s So Wonderful When God Talks to You

by Barbara Wise

Before Jesus died for our sins and the Holy Spirit began dwelling
in the souls of those of us who accept Him as our Lord and
Savior, God oftentimes spoke to His creation with an audible
voice. In fact, there are many places in the Old Testament
describing the audible voice of God as the ?sound of thunder.?
God also used prophets to deliver his message as well as selected
angels to appear to chosen people giving them a commandment from
God or prophetic messages such as bringing tidings of great joy.

However, after Jesus died and rose from the dead so that we may
have eternal life with Him, God?s chosen form of communication is
normally conducted through prayer. Unfortunately, many of God?s
children today are so busy with life?s problems they lose touch
with the ?inner voice? God uses to talk to us. It is very sad
when we come to this point; because without Jesus Christ guiding
us through life and helping us to make the correct decisions, we
end up in total chaos. Instead, we tend to push Him back and ask
for help only during times of crisis. I am guilty of doing this
myself. But I do recognize my sin, confess it and ask God
continually to keep me humble and on the path of following Him.

However, today something really magnificent happened that
prompted me to write this article. Several months ago God put a
thought in my mind to develop a website containing the entire
text of the King James Bible. I did as commanded and developed
the ServantofJesusChrist.Com website. This website not only
provides the entire Old and New Testaments for online viewing,
but it also contains a PDF download of the entire Bible so anyone
can print out a free copy anywhere in the world. I also found
that I use the website quite often myself. Every time I need a
Bible verse to add to an article or publication I am writing, I
go to this website and find them.

Well today was different. I went to the website to find a Bible
verse. I closed my eyes and asked God to guide me to the right
Bible verse to publish. He immediately told me to go to the
book: 2 Corinthians. When I clicked on the first chapter I
noticed there was absolutely no text on the web page. After
further checking, I discovered that I had mistakenly left the
entire book of 2 Corinthians out and nothing appeared on the
website except the template I had used to design the pages.

Now I realize there will be skeptics reading this article and it
will appear to be unbelievable to them that God would actually be
concerned about something this small and insignificant. Some
people will actually discredit God by saying this was all just a
?coincidence.? But you tell me ? out of 66 books in the Old and
New Testament, what are the chances that I would be led to the
exact book the first time? And because I found this mistake I
checked every web page and found that I also had not completed
the books of Joel, Micah and Ruth. If I had not found the
problem with 2 Corinthians, I would have never found the other

Of course I stopped what I was doing immediately and promptly
fixed the problem; but after it was all over I really stopped and
thought about the whole matter. God actually talked to me
today! The King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the highest power
in existence actually talked to me today! I am here to tell the
world that God is alive and He is returning soon. If you are not
saved, I strongly urge you to find out who Jesus Christ is, admit
you?re a sinner and believe in your heart that He died for your
sins. The age of Grace is almost over.


Barbara Wise is a retired homemaker, now widowed -- who dedicates
her life to the study of God's word and how it relates to the end
time prophecy.

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