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Chinese Translator in San Jose

Chelsea provides Chinese translation and Mandarin interpretation services in San Jose area.  Please see below for her Chinese translation samples.

Chinese Translation Samples
By Chelsea Tu

Gmail is a free, search-based webmail service that includes 1,000 megabytes (1 gigabyte) of storage. The backbone of Gmail is a powerful Google search engine that quickly recalls any message an account owner has ever sent or received. That means there's no need to file messages in order to find them again.

When Gmail displays an email, it automatically shows all the replies to that email as well, so users can view a message in the context of a conversation. There are no pop-ups or untargeted banner ads in Gmail, which places relevant text ads and links to related web pages adjacent to email messages.

Gmail是一项免费,以搜索为基础的网站邮件服务,它包括1000 megabytes(1GB) 储存空间,由于其骨架是搜索引擎,它能迅速找到任何账户主曾发送或接收过的邮件内容及讯息。这表示账户主不再需要将讯息存档,以便将来再找到它们。


O'Reilly Publishing has a popular series of computer books that "reclaims the term 'hacking' for the good guys—innovators who explore and experiment, unearth shortcuts, create useful tools, and come up with fun things to try on their own." We know there are Blogger users that fit this description so we were inspired to start a category here at Blogger Help to help you scratch that hacker itch. Enjoy!

O'Reilly 出版公司出版了一系列的电脑书籍,这系列书“将”hacking” (侵截) 这个字 重新赋予了正面的定义--黑客是一群爱开发,爱实验,创造新工具,想出好玩的东西拿来自己玩的创新发明家” 。


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