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Chinese Translator in Paris, France
Also provides Chinese Classes in Paris, France

Claire, a native Beijing born Chinese lady who was also educated in Australia, provides Chinese translation services in Paris, France. She also provides Chinese and English classes in Paris, France.

Chinese Translation Services in Paris, France

Our Chinese translator in Paris, Claire, provides written translations from English to Chinese and from Chinese to English.  She is also able to provide interpretation services from Mandarin to English and from English to Mandarin.

Chinese Classes in Paris, France

In her free time, Claire provides private Chinese lessons.  Her Chinese class is considered one of the best because of her authentic pronunciation and her dedication in teaching her students.  Please contact her in Paris.

Below is more information about her

Location: Paris, France


1996-2000: Beijing Foreign Language School, year 7—11

2001-2002: Muirden College (Adelaide, SA, Australia), year 11-12

2003-2004: University of Adelaide (Adelaide, SA, Australia), Bachelor Degree of International Studies
*It is a three-year course, yet, was finished in two years by overloading subjects.

2008-2009: University of Paris 8, Master of International Commerce

Work Experience

In Australia:

Anchor for Chinese radio of South Australia

In Beijing:

2005 Written Chinese translation - Transcribe and translate some documents ( Phoenix IT Press Conference, Hitachi Advertising Video ) from English to Chinese and from Chinese to English

Interpretation -The Meeting of the World Renown Universities, Students, and the Press, Beijing Education Expo 2005, Mandarin Consecutive Interpreter (July,10th)

Interpretation -Seagate Telephone Meeting ,(weekly)(Aug.-Oct.)

Written translation & interpretation -Tender documents of Perlos

Interpretation- Board meeting and Business negotiation of Ogden BoHui Cogeneration Limited

Part-time Work (Interpretation & Translation) - HongLiBoYuan Mech-Electr. Construction Ltd. (Sep.-Oct.)

Part-time Work (Interpretation &Translation) – Landtop Ltd (Digital Control) (June-Oct)

Business and Project negotiations of JSCE and Perlos (Nov.)

Interpretation - China Mining 2005 Exhibition (Nov.)

Interpretation –Automechanika China Exhibition (Nov.) Brembo

Interpretation – Business Meeting between Samsan Korea Ltd. and KangtiHuanyi Ltd(china) (Dec.)

2006 Interpretation – the Meeting of China Exploration and Engineering Bureau and the Deputy Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea (Jan, 16th)

Interpretation – the Meeting of HLSP and China National Health Economics Institute

Interpretation – Cadini, CHIC (Mar. 28-30)

China/UK Urban Health and Poverty Project (May,28- June,3rd)

China/UK Urban Health and Poverty Project ( July)

Character and Ability, Using Her Own Words,

Four years of staying overseas have given me the ability and confidence of working things out by my own. I also understand independence is equally important as team work spirit. And, indeed, I am really a good team worker. Living with foreigners, studying with people from all over the world—I am very easy going.

Days in University have taught me so much. It is not only the knowledge that I get, more importantly, it gained my analyzing skill, researching skill and presentational skill (since I am a history student).

I have always enjoyed challenges and working under pressure. In fact, I believe, pressure can be a kind of motivation. Comparing with some senior interpreters, I might not have a lot of experiences. But I have the one thing that matters the most, the passion and enthusiasm for the job, and great potential and determination to make things work.

How to Reach Claire:

Please contact us for more information.

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