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The Chinese Nanny Trend - from Los Angeles Chinese Learning Center

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Chinese Nannies Will be the New Trend for the Wealthy with Visions

Recently, an article about New Yorkers hiring Chinese nannies appeared on the German magazine Der Spiegel.  The article, using Jim Rogers as an example, implies that seeing China's potential to become world's economic power, many wealthy yet visionary families will begin to employ Chinese nannies to teach their children Chinese.

The article's title is Chinese nannies are the latest New York trend
Chinese au pairs are New York's latest fashion: Manhattan's elite wants to prepare its progeny for the economic world of tomorrow.

Jim Rogers, a 63-year-old multi-millionaire, co-founder of the Quantum Fund and author of several best-selling books, hired a Chinese nanny for his only daughter.  He, like many Americans, believe that "China will be the next world superpower", and that he is preparing his daughter for the 21st century.

For this reason the "Chinese nanny" is now chic in New York's wealthier circles -- to the extreme annoyance of French governesses, who are finding it hard to defend their traditional dominance over Manhattan's nurseries against competition from the Far East.

Pavillion Agency, the agency for nanny placements, desperately needs qualified Chinese women as nannies.  "Bring me one and I can give her a choice of ten top families." According to the company president.  The in-demand nannies from Beijing or Shanghai can easily earn $100,000 per year with the right references -- $60,000 more than their colleagues from Old Europe, who used to be so popular.

However, they not only need to speak fluent English and Mandarin, but they also need to manage the complicated lifestyles of their young pupils.


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