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Chinese Medical Translator:

Chinese Medical Translation and Interpretation Services

Los Angeles Chinese Learning Center provides Chinese medical translation and interpretation services by an experienced Chinese medical translator.

As one of our Chinese translators, our professional Chinese medical translator specializes in medical terminologies in Chinese and English. 

He has solid background in trainings of medical, pharmacological and biological sciences (related background including: graduate from Fudan Medical School with both basic and clinical subjects taught in English; translator for Journal of Foreign Medical Science in Shanghai; one year medical internship training in a U.S. accredited Medical Center (University of Southern California Medical Center), etc.

He is also in excellent command of any medical related subjects including internal medicine, surgery, ob-gyn, pediatrics, neurology, psychiatry, etc. as well as basic medical subjects.)

Our Chinese medical translator promises you with 

1. Native Levels of Both Chinese Mandarin and English with Specialization in Medical Terminologies

Our Chinese medical translator and interpreter has native levels of both Chinese Mandarin and English specializing in medical terminologies.  Our Chinese medical translator has a Masters degree.  He is familiar with terminology and medical procedures of conventional medicine. 

2. Accurate Translation.

Our Chinese medical translator and interpreter is experienced and can provide accurate medical translation and interpretation from Chinese to English and from English to Chinese 


Chinese/English Medical Translation: 0.45 to 0.55 cents per word

Chinese Interpretation: $180/hour (Mandarin)

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