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Chinese Lawyer in Los Angeles

A Guide to Finding the Best Chinese Lawyer in Los Angeles

The Best Evaluators of Chinese Lawyers in Los Angeles - Court Certified Interpreters

For many years, many people have asked us on how to find the best Chinese attorney in Los Angeles.  Indeed, one might have many ways to find good attorneys such as through referrals or through the media.  However, the best evaluators of Chinese lawyers would be court certified Chinese interpreters for the followings reasons

1. Court interpreters interpret for a case and know the arguments of both sides during depositions

2. Court interpreters often interpret for the whole case and know the results of the case immediately after a judge's sentence

3. Court interpreters interpret for many different attorneys and know about their strengths and weaknesses better than anyone else

4. Court interpreters are independent parties when interpreting and normally do not hold any biases toward either parties

Therefore, we believe that the opinions of Chinese interpreters would be the best for giving opinions on different Chinese lawyers in Los Angeles.

The Best Chinese Lawyers in Los Angeles

This article aims to combine information gathered from various court certified interpreters to recommend the best Chinese lawyers in Los Angeles to the visitors of our website.  Please note that the recommendations of this article are solely based on the experiences of some of our court certified interpreters who voluntarily provided such information to us.  Our recommendations should not be treated as endorsements from our organization nor our website.

The Best Chinese Business and Contract Law Attorney in Los Angeles

"From my more than 7 years of experiences interpreting for different attorneys in civil and criminal courts, I can say that Kathy Q. Hao is one of the best Chinese attorneys for business and contract law.  "  Recommended by Samuel Chong, President, Los Angeles Chinese Learning Center, and Court Certified Interpreter #301138, Los Angeles County. Indeed, Kathy Q. Hao, a professor at University of West Los Angeles, School of Law, has run several businesses on her own.  Aside from her own businesses, she was the business and legal consultant for China Name-Brand Exposition sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, and she was also the general representative and counsel for China First International Auto Parts Expo of Beijing in 2007 and 2008.  With her native level English and Chinese, she understands the differences of business cultures of both China and the United States.  As a successful businesswoman, she sure can benefit her clients through her own business acumen.  As a Chinese lawyer in Los Angeles, she aims to help the local Chinese communities in Los Angeles through her professional skills.

The Best Chinese Bankruptcy Lawyer in Los Angeles

While there are many Chinese lawyers in Los Angeles practicing different areas of law, what makes Sam X. J. Wu unique is that he concentrates on bankruptcy law.  With more than 10 years of experiences, Sam Wu has handled more than 6,000 cases, mostly related to bankruptcy law.   His specialization also attracts the attention of local media in Los Angeles.  In recent years, Mr. Wu has been invited to appear as a guest on numerous television and radio shows in Los Angeles, including AM1300/1600, AM1430, AM1370 radio stations, LA 18, ETTV, North America Television, Phoenix Satellite Television, Taipei International Satellite Television and WCETV.com. 

THE Best Chinese Lawyers in Los Angeles

The best Chinese lawyers are the ones that settle cases before the parties go on trial.  These lawyers save time, energy, and resources of their clients.  In fact, almost everyone wins if a case is not brought to trial, but is settled through mediation or arbitration.  In Los Angeles, there are two Chinese lawyers that specialize in mediation.  One is, again, Kathy Q. Hao, the Chinese lawyer in Los Angeles.  She has been a Certified Mediator by the Volunteer Mediation Services of Los Angeles County Community and Senior Services since June, 2001, after she was trained in the Alternative Dispute Resolution Program of University of California, Los Angeles.  The other Chinese attorney in Los Angeles, Harry J. Liu, though equally capable, would rather keep a low profile.  Mr. Liu, originally from Taiwan, has acted as a mediator in many cases.  He studied alternative dispute resolution at Pepperdine University.  Mr. Liu does not have a website yet, but you can reach him at 626-281-8826.


This guide is not a definite guide to finding the best Chinese lawyer in Los Angeles.  Attorneys not mentioned here might be equally capable.  Attorneys mentioned here might not be available to take your case.  By all means, it does take efforts to find a good Chinese lawyer in Los Angeles.




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