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By Chinese Lawyer in Shanghai, China

Also see Chinese Lawyer in Los Angeles (Licensed Chinese Attorney in Los Angeles)

With our licensed Chinese attorney (licensed Chinese lawyer in all provinces of China), we provide the following services including legal research reports at the following areas with regard to doing businesses in China:

Legal Consulting Services

  • Foreign Direct Investment in China
    - Establishment procedure
    - Company formalities
    - Foreign exchange
    - Labor issues
    - Liquidation procedure
  • Merger and Acquisition
    - Merger and acquisition involving foreign investments
    - Merger and acquisition of the listed companies
  • Banking, Securities and Financing
    - Securities regulations for IPOs and stock exchanges
    - Banking regulations
    - Insurance regulations
  • Venture Capital Investment
    - Legal qualifications for fund management
    - Investment in high-tech areas
    - Investment in telecommunication
    - Investment in biotech
  • Intellectual Property
    - Trademark applications and infringement solutions
    - Patent applications and infringement litigations
    - Regulations introduction on Copyright
    - Computer software and Integrated Circuit
    - Franchise regulations in China
  • Taxation
    - Taxation planning and advising
    - Taxation deduction and exemption consulting
  • Regulations Trend after WTO
    - Major changes and revisions on Chinese laws
    - Telecommunication, online services and software
    - Banks and financial institutions
    - Wholesale and retail Industries, including shopping center
  • Arbitration and Litigation
    - Introductions on the procedures of arbitration and litigation
    - International arbitration
  • Contracts Drafting, Review, Translation and Negotiation
    - International sales contract
    - Joint venture contact, articles of association, partnership agreement
    - Loan agreement, mortgage agreement, other security agreements
    - License agreement, franchise agreement
    - Share transfer agreement, assets transfer agreement, other merger and acquisition agreements
    - Employment agreement, employment manual
  • Cooperation with China
    - Finding business partners in China and planning and negotiating
    - Leasing offices and/or recruiting employees
    - Litigations on commercial contracts, negotiable notes, international sales contracts etc.
    - Protection of intellectual properties in China
  • Miscellaneous
    - Other legal services

Rate: $250/hour by  Chinese Lawyer in Los Angeles (Licensed Chinese Attorney in Los Angeles)

$250/hour by China licensed attorney currently residing in Shanghai, China.

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