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Canadian Income Trust Funds
A List of Canadian Energy Income Trust Funds

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of Canadian income trust funds related to the energy sector for your information.

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Canadian Income Trusts
Canadian Income Trust Funds (List)

Acclaim Energy Trust AE.UN
Advantage Energy Income Fund AVN.UN
ARC Engery Trust AET.UN
Avenir Diversified Income Trust AVF.UN
Baytex Energy Trust BTE.UN
Bonavista Energy Trust BNP.UN
Bonnett's Energy Services Trust BT.UN
Bonterra Energy Income Trust BNE.UN
Builders Energy Services Trust BET.UN
Canadian Oil Sands Trust COS.UN
Cathedral Energy Services Income Trust CET.UN
CCS Income Trust CCR.UN
Crescent Point Energy Trust CPG.UN
Daylight Energy Trust DAY.UN
Enbridge Income Fund ENF.UN
Enerplus Resources Fund ERF.UN
Enterra Energy Trust ENT.UN
Esprit Energy Trust EEE.UN
Fairborne Energy Trust FEL.UN
Focus Energy Trust FET.UN
Fort Chicago Energy Partners L.P. FCE.UN
Freehold Royalty Trust FRU.UN
Harvest Energy Trust HTE.UN
Inter Pipeline Fund IPL.UN
Ketch Resources Trust KER.UN
NAL Oil & Gas Trust NAE.UN
NAV Energy Trust NVG.UN
Newalta Income Fund NAL.UN
Paramount Energy Trust PMT.UN
Peak Energy Services Trust PES.UN
Pembina Pipeline Income Fund PIF.UN
Pengrowth Energy Trust - Class A PGF.A
Pengrowth Energy Trust - Class B PGF.B
Penn West Energy Trust PWT.UN
Petrofund Energy Trust PTF.UN
Peyto Energy Trust PEY.UN
Phoenix Technology Income Fund PHX.UN
Primewest Energy Trust PWI.UN
Progress Energy Trust PGX.UN
Provident Energy Trust PVE.UN
Shiningbank Energy Income Fund SHN.UN
StarPoint Energy Trust SPN.UN
Stoneham Drilling Trust SDG.UN
TerraVest Income Fund TI.UN
Thunder Energy Trust THY.UN
TKE Energy Trust TKE.UN
Total Energy Services Trust TOT.UN
Trilogy Energy Trust TET.UN
Trinidad Energy Services Income Trust TDG.UN
Vault Energy Trust VNG.UN
Vermilion Energy Trust VET.UN
Viking Energy Royalty Trust VKR.UN
Wellco Energy Services Trust WLL.UN
Zargon Energy Trust ZAR.UN


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