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Information about the modern version of the witch hunts: ritual (and pseudo ritual) sexual abuse trials and those who have been wrongfully imprisoned by them

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Fells Acres. Malden, Massachusetts' daycare witchhunt

Violet Amirault ran a thriving daycare center for 18 years. Read about how she and her two children, Gerald and Cheryl, were sent to prison in one of Massachusetts most infamous trials. Learn what went wrong in "The Return of the Witchhunts", a brief (1400 word) description of Fells Acres.

Learn more details about this case in the longer piece, "Junk Science. Junk Justice"

Country Walk, Janet Reno's case

This daycare case is often cited as an example of verified ritual abuse because of Ileana Flores (Fuster's) "confession." Read Ileana Flores (Fuster) recent deposition describing how therapists and prosecutors (including Janet Reno) coerced her into recovering memories of and confessing to satanic ritual abuse crimes. Her coerced confession yielded a life sentence for her ex husband, Frank Fuster.

Soon after the court approved arrangements for Ileana to testify via satellite, videotape, or telephone, the Miami Herald received a strange letter from Ileana retracting her retraction. A commentary by Ralph Underwager and Hollida Wakefield is also available. Contact me (jgharris7@mail.com) for further information on how to help Mr. Fuster.

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