The letter below was received by the Miami Herald
Note that Reverend Watson, the witness is the minister of the
First Baptist Church in Perrine, FL. His church provided Illeana with
a stipend during her relocation to Hondorous and Watson helped
in this relocation after she was released and deported.

March 10, 1995 [note: may be March 18]

To whom it may concern:

From time to time lawyers and others have attempted to contact me to give some
statements as to what really happened at Country Walk. After much pressure, I
told the lawyers to stop bothering me and I called some Christains friends and
told them of the pressure the lawyers were putting on me and they told me that
I was not strong enough emotionally to deal with high power attorneys to
which I agreed. However, the lawyers were able to find me and walk in
unannounced into my life. The lawyers told me that they had new evidence to
prove that nothing had happened at Country Walk. And they told me that this
new evidence will clear my name and criminal Record. The more I listened
the more confused I became. My mind became cloudy and my thinking not clear.
they continued to show me what they call new evidence and talking to me about
now the State of Florida brainwashed me and even used me for their own purpose
10 years ago.

They started asking questions of the past and events I got into a deep
depression and started remembereing my horrible past, every time I think
about it, it is like living it all over again. Even after so many years,
I still ask myself why all of those things happened to me, how can there
be so many evil people infesting this world. The lawyer started
reminding me of Country Walk. Mr. Cohen started asking questions one
afater the other and at the same time giving me an explanation why it
was wrong to believe Frank Fuster was guilty. All of a sudden I was
transported back to 10 years ago and the rumbling in my head began. I
did not know it was a deposition. When I was completely emotionally
drained they asked if I had said the truth and being in a state of
total confusion I said yes. I was asked to sign my statement and I did.
There was a lady with the lawyer and she was supposed to be his secretary,
but now I found she was a Court Reporter. The lawyer also told me that
anything I had said will not be used in court for any reason but to clear
my name and that was their promise. I was surprised to hear that such
documents was presented to the Court as a deposition and specially as an
asset to get Frank Fuster a new trial. Now that I had time to reflect and not
under the pressure of people trying to convince me otherwise, I want my
testimony in Court to remain as given 10 years ago, Frank Fuster is guilty,
not only of hurting the children but also of hurting me when I was only 16
years of age. I'm not a little girl anymore and now as an adult I can
protect myself from him.

I am sorry for the embarrassment that I have may cause to anyone that try
to help me in times past. I do not wish to give any other deposition that
could be different fthan the one given 10 years ago. Again, Frank
Fuster did horrible things to me and I know he did the same to the children,
he deserves to be where he is now. I don't want to be a victim anymore and
I wish his attorneys to leave me alone please.

I was anxious to have my name cleared, but I now realize that it not the most
important thing. The most important thing is that Jesus Christ has cleared
my past and I am forgiven.

signature signature
Ileana Flores Tommy Watson, Witness.


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