Chinese Symbols, Calligraphy, and Feng Shui

By Chinese Calligrapher/Feng Shui Master Liew     


A Feng Shui Story

By Master Liew

China is an ancient country of this planet earth, and has a recorded history of nearly five thousand years. China is a valuable history to the human civilization, just like the Egyptian in the Middle East and the Greek in Europe. They all share a common misfortune since the beginning of time: the disasters caused by nature, and also the disasters caused by conflicts and wars. The Chinese call this phenomena as  "Tian Zai" ( Disasters caused by mother earth) and "Ren Huo" or the disasters caused by man. At times, Chinese emperors gathered citizens and intellectuals, calling them to search for a solution to minimize the suffering. From one dynasty to another, the Chinese is seeking ways to counter the disasters, hoping to eliminate these misfortunes with a set of basic rules. Rules teaching us how to live in harmony with nature and also live with all living things around us, promoting lasting peace, good health, success and wealth.

FENG SHUI ( In mandarin Chinese means wind and water), a study of  human and environment co-existence in harmony is then developed. It is a system that involves geography. philosophy, mathematics, forecast, logic, statistic, and most importantly the untold spiritual power of the Feng Shui master. Chinese generally believe in supernatural sightings and the existence of super human. They believe there are people who are able to sense problems much better than the others. There are people who can transform a worse scenario into a peacefully ending through an unexplained power.

Chinese believe that our existence on planet earth is governed by the presence of three basic elements, they are: (1) Tian (Universe) (2) Di (Earth) and (3) Ren (Human race).  These three elements must be carefully balanced and respected in order to avoid misfortunes. Other factors consist of Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal and Water are to be balanced as well in order to achieve a harmonious living -- enabling us to have good health, good interpersonal relationship and success with wealth.

Feng Shui masters normally inherit the teaching from the grand master through a lifetime process, accompanying the grand master like having a father and son relationship. Feng Shui students and believers rarely question the master?s decisions. The master is often treated as part of a family, summoned when difficult decisions are to be made. For example: buying a house, moving into a new home, opening a new business, blessing for success and good health, choosing a wedding date, naming a new born, resolving problems and more.

 At times, Feng Shui masters use tools such as a mirror, a compass, Pa Kua, Chinese calligraphy, special plants, aquariums, wind chimes, light fixtures and etc. These items are used to eliminate the negative energy and help maintain a positive Feng Shui environment around us. These items are normally installed under the supervision of the Feng Shui master.The property is then blessed by the master to further enhance a good Feng Shui setting.

Feng Shui believers live a happier spiritual life. They have a life filled with hopes and positive thinking. They constantly oversee the need to maintain the balance of the negative and the positive (Yin and Yang). Nature is respected at all times and put on top priority before expecting a peaceful life. They are also normally calmed by the belief in destiny. Yet, their original religious faith remains unchanged.

Believing helps. That is a secret part of Feng Shui.