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Diapason Rogers Commodity Index Fund

To learn more about the Diapason Rogers Commodity Index Funds, please visit his website.

UBS Diapason Global Biofuel Index


September 15, 2005

Email of the Day - On the Rogers indices (from www.fullermoney.com)

"You mentioned in your comment of the day of 8/31 that rather than using futures, one could trade the Rogers indices. Please let me know how I might do that here in the US.

"While I have the utmost respect for Jim Rogers, His fund in the US charges 5% in, 5% out, and 5% a year, very expensive. He suggested a few years ago to me that I get into his fund, I wish I had, but if there is a way to trade these please let me know!"

My View - I delayed answer to this email because I was waiting for a meeting which I attended yesterday with Stephan Wrobel of Diapason Commodities Management. This firm is majority owned by Jim Rogers and offers a number of products related to his indices.

I asked him about the high cost of trading in the US. He informed me that they are about to launch a Merrill Lynch TRAKRS product on the CME which will be much cheaper to trade. He told me that as soon as this is launched he would let me know.

For non-US investors Diapason offer the ability to switch between the indices at no cost but do not offer a cash option so once in you would have to be fully invested. There is no lock in so selling is not a problem except of course for the commission.

All current structures are off shore but they are working on an on-shore product. If you have any queries I would contact them directly.

I would like to reiterate that neither I nor Fullermoney have any financial interest in the Rogers indices although I may choose to buy into them at some point in the future.


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