Weight Loss
 through Cellular Nutrition Technology


Losing weight is a matter of supply and demand.

People gain weight when they consume more food energy (calories) than their bodies can burn up in their daily activities. You lose weight when you expend more energy than you consume. Stored body fat is converted back into energy to make up the difference.

The Thermojetics Quickstart programs nourish the body while working to create a desirable energy balance in favor of losing weight. With these programs you can control your weight without experiencing loss of stamina, food cravings, or hunger pangs.

To lose weight

Replace two meals with our delicious Protein Drink Mix shakes, take the tablets and eat one regular balanced meal of your choice daily. You may continue to eat the foods you like while being careful about the quantity and fat content.

To maintain weight

Replace one meal with our Protein Drink Mix shake, take the tablets and eat two balanced meals of your choice daily.

To gain weight

Eat three of your regular meals and supplement with our Protein Drink Mix as recommended.

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How to Lose Weight

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