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Promotional Corporate Gifts

Promotional corporate gifts are gifts given to potential clients, aimed a improving and promoting corporate image and services.

Recently, companies are increasingly innovative at providing promotional corporate gifts.  For example, some companies engrave their logos in chocolates, while others print their logos on U-disks.

Here, we shall introduce you some of the traditional and innovative options of promotional corporate gifts.

1. Unique Promotional Corporate Gifts

A. Cute Toy with Corporate Logo
In one of the conferences I attended, I received a lovely toy with a company's logo on it.  The toy is a small dog made of soft materials.  It is still my child's favorite toy.

B. Magnetic Stickers Made of Letters of Company's Name
For the families that have small children, magnetic stickers on the sides of the refrigerators are children's favorite play things.  They play the letters and compose and recompose them into different words.  Even, they can shape them into different art works (similar to ASCII art works in computer).

It's a smart idea for a company to provide this as one of its promotional corporate gifts.

2. Traditional Promotional Corporate Gifts

A. Writing Instruments with Corporate Logos
Traditionally, companies tend to print their logos on pens, pencils, or other writing instruments.  This is a good idea, but not a unique one.

B. Writing Pads with Corporate Logos
This is one of my favorite promotional corporate gifts.  We can write on them, and we read the imprinted corporate logos, and people who read our notes also read the imprinted corporate logos. Excellent traditional promotional gift idea.

We are constantly looking for promotional corporate gifts.  Please contact us to send us your gift ideas.


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