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oriental rug and carpet

An area rug is a rug that is to be placed in parts of the floor instead of the whole floor.  Besides decoration purposes, it helps to protect the floor.

Many discount area rug retailers are available in major cities of the United States.  However, recently, the Internet has brought many discount area rug retailers online, so that potential customers could view their favorite discount area rug online before buying them.

An Oriental rug or carpet is a piled or flatwoven fabric hand-knotted in one of the traditional weaving areas of the Middle or Far East. Genuine Oriental rugs and carpets come from Afghanistan, China, India, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan, Tibet, Turkey, some of the southern territories of the old Soviet Union (like Azerbaijan or Armenia), Balkan countries like Romania and Albania, and some North African countries like Morocco and Egypt. A Genuine Discount Area Rug is not made in Belgium or anywhere else in Western Europe or in the United States.  No genuine Oriental rugs are made of nylon or polypropylene.

Discount Area Rug are either knotted with pile or woven without pile. Discount Area Rug made by machine or any method other than hand knotting or hand weaving are not considered authentic Discount Area Rug.

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