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Beverly Hills Attractions

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills (The most visited Beverly Hills attraction)

* Location: Beverly Hills, on the western side of the Los Angeles metropolitan area, between Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevards

* How Long: Allow an hour for people-watching and window-shopping, more if you plan to dine or buy something.

* Best Time to Visit: Rodeo Drive is at its best during the evening near Christmas, when lights and flowers decorate the streets, and the stores get more gussied up than their best-dressed patrons. The rest of the year, it's less crowded weekdays. Avoid Sunday. Many shops are closed, and all you'll find are a few tourists peering into darkened windows.

Every Father's Day, Rodeo Drive closes for a vintage car show (free and open to public).

Mulholland Drive, Beverly Hills

This drive along the top of Hollywood Hills offers great views of Los Angeles.

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