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Why Learn Spanish?

A Useful Language

Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world (after Chinese and English), and it's the world's No. 2 language (after Chinese)  when only native speakers are counted. It is also the second language of the United States, where many radio and TV channels exclusively offer Spanish spoken programs. Spanish is expected to become the first language of 50% of the United States population within 50 years. 

Spanish is one of the official languages of the United Nations, the European Union and other international organizations. Spanish is used for international communication on political, economical and cultural issues. It is also an important business language, and therefore the most studied foreign language in the non-Hispanic countries of America and Europe.

Nowadays, many job opportunities require you to speak Spanish, especially in the medical and educational field.  Speaking Spanish well definitely gives you an edge over other job applicants.

An Easy Language to Learn

Spanish is one of the easiest foreign languages to learn. Much of its vocabulary is similar to English's, and written Spanish is almost completely phonetic: Look at almost any Spanish word and you can tell how it is pronounced. And while mastering the grammar of Spanish can be a challenge, basic grammar is straightforward enough that you can have meaningful communication after only a few lessons.

It Helps You to Learn Other Languages

Learning Spanish helps you to learn other languages.  Italian, Portuguese, French, Romanian all belong to the family of Romantic languages.  You will be surprised by their similarities.  Besides these languages, learning Spanish can also help you to learn German, English, as they share many Latin roots.  It may even help you to learn Arabic as there are more than 1000 Spanish words that come from Arabic language.  

Little Difference in the Twenty-Three Countries that Speak Spanish

In spite of the distance between countries where Spanish is spoken, the uniformity in language is such that it allows people from Spanish speaking countries in Europe as well as in America to communicate with relative facility. Some differences can be found in pronunciation and intonation, probably due to the different linguistic and cultural backgrounds that can be found in Spanish speaking countries

List of Countries and Their Spanish Speaking Population

                 1. SPAIN                          39,500,000
                 2. U.S.A                          22,500,000
                 3. GUINEA ECUATORIAL                 300,000
                 4. FILIPINAS                       2,900,000
                 5. GUATEMALA                       9,200,000
                 6. EL SALVADOR                     5,200,000
                 7. HONDURAS                        4,500,000
                 8. NICARAGUA                       3,100,000
                 9. COSTA RICA                      3,100,000
                10. ECUADOR                        10,000,000
                11. PERU                           22,000,000
                12. MEXICO                         80,000,000
                13. CUBA                           10,800,000
                14. REPUBLICA DOMINICANA            7,300,000
                15. PUERTO RICO                     3,500,000
                16. PANAMA                          2,100,000
                17. VENEZUELA                      18,000,000
                18. COLOMBIA                       33,600,000
                19. BOLIVIA                         6,900,000
                20. PARAGUAY                        4,500,000
                21. ARGENTINA                      32.500,000
                22. CHILE                          13,600,000
                23. URUGUAY                         3,150,000
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