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The Acting Corps’ mission is simple- we are here to get actors acting. More important than worshipping any 20th century acting technique, we feel that in today’s entertainment industry environment, one must be practical, dedicated and prepared. You must train with currently working professionals and learn through efficient practice reliable skills that lead to booking a job in this town.

And because the best training, no matter what anyone says, is you in front of a camera on a set with your director saying “Action!”, the Acting Corps produces professional film projects to give you real world experience as well as professional footage for your reel.

If you share our passion, our generosity of spirit, and our drive to succeed, we invite you to join us.

Eugene Buica
Founder and Artistic Director
The Acting Corps

Boot Camp I - Basic Training

Four weeks of concentrated, daily work with expert teachers acquiring a solid foundation in the best of all acting techniques, the Meisner technique. Come prepared to work hard— the Meisner work moves faster than anywhere else, and unlike anywhere else, we immediately apply it to Cold Reading and Scene Study. Here we also focus on freeing the voice and moving instinctively, all in the service of living fully in the moment and creating surprising and unforgettable auditions and performances.

Boot Camp II – Into Action

The Army’s Boot Camp prepares you for war; The Actors’ Boot Camp II prepares you for a much tougher battle - show business. For those invited to Boot Camp II, it’s another 4 weeks of daily work on advanced Meisner Technique, Michael Chekhov work to address objectives, and real on-camera acting technique taught by a working film or TV actor. Also, there is a “business of show business” class taught by an active industry professional (really) where you are introduced to the facts about marketing yourself in Hollywood.

The Advanced Program
Panel III

The Daily Acting Workout

Exactly what it says, working out daily all of the skills necessary to get and stay in shape – if you’re not at your best when the telephone rings, rest assured that someone else is.

The Advanced Program

Two nights a week, going deeper and concentrating on character development, script analysis, and making choices. Also lots of audition technique as you are encouraged to go into the world and get acting work…

The Professional Program

Two things make it so. One, seriousness of purpose- you are required to work on your career daily, and two, you will act in a professionally written, directed and edited film project every four months. Since you are expected to work on your acting career on weekdays, the three Professional Program classes take place on weekends. Admission is based on creative ability and commitment – only the most dedicated actors are invited.

The Acting Corps is housed in its brand new, two theater, state of the art facility in the NoHo arts district.

Our address is: 5508 Cahuenga Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA 91601

Our telephone number: 818.753.2800

Our website (check for the latest info):

If Not Now, When?

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