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We Can "Forever" Have "Hope" In the Lord

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 17, 2008 7:41 pm    Post subject: We Can "Forever" Have "Hope" In the Lord Reply with quote

We Can "Forever" Have "Hope" In the Lord

Have you noticed the “News” lately? The world at large in which we live is in a fragile vulnerable condition. It is not by coincidence that our great Country, America that was founded under Godly principles is experiencing such a magnitude of financial hardships. Our once thriving middle class has been put in a flux. The housing market is strained. Our stock market continues to fluctuate and plunge to such a severe catastrophic crisis level which is having a domino effect on the economy. This is also true in the European markets as well. Amidst apparent ongoing wars and the threat of possible terrorists attacks. Congress is slowly but surely admitting that we are having a global financial meltdown. Many are experiencing bewildering levels of anxiety and distress. It is important that we take note and realize the signs of the time. God’s moral principles for life, marriage and the family have been abandoned by many. There are credulous concerns about “global warming.” Not to mention the epidemic proportions of natural disasters worldwide. God is always speaking we just have to get better at listening! I have some “Good News” for you! Yet, despite whatever is happening we who are God’s children can have “Hope” in knowing that our true security and significance must ultimately rest in the Lord! We can “Forever” have “Hope” in the LORD.

The Word is full of Jesus’ teachings of parables, in warnings, prophecies fulfilled, exhortations, simple stories as well as the many miracles. Yet, how often does one miss the point? For example Luke tells us how Martha was so busy and preoccupied when Jesus came to visit their home, that she did not realize that it was so much more important to just “sit at Jesus feet and listen”. Not that what Martha was doing was not good. But it was and is so much more important to just take time and spend personal time in the “presence of the Lord” in His Word. Not that Mary was negligent or in denial of the necessary preparations, but she did not elect to bury herself in busyness and anxiety unable to relax and relish and savor being in the company of Jesus. The point is Martha sort of missed that Jesus, the main ingredient was right there!

Finding a healthy balance between the pressures of life, enjoyment, spiritual growth and development as well as properly prioritizing all of our responsibilities is key. It is important to not live your life just for the sake of others to see, nor to adjust and conform like a chameleon in order to fit in for the sake of being accepted on a superficial level. Life has become so complex and abstract that one can so easily misinterpret your actions regardless as to what you do or do not do. This is why it is so important to know that the Lord sees both the external and internal. He sees and knows absolutely everything! This is why His Word says that whatever we do, to do it as we do it unto Him. It is important to find time to praise Him! We can “Forever” have “Hope” in the LORD.

The Lord has given us a marvelous factual infallible account of the life Jesus lived. There is a plethora of authentic genuine factual accounts recorded of the many things that have transpired and are still to come. His Word also tells us that “no one knows the time or the hour that the Lord will return…” So we are really to live in expectation of His arrival at any time. God knew and knows just what we need. The “Good News” is this is why He has given us His Son as our Savior, to save us from the power of sin reigning in our lives! Those who should have known better missed the point. They were not able to spiritually discern that Jesus was truly God sent! Even the chief priest and many of the Sanhedrin council were looking for false evidence to discredit Jesus. They even brought false witnesses in order to substantiate their claims against Him. They greatly feared that He was a threat to their established religious belief system. They grossly, misunderstood, misinterpreted His actions so that they too missed the point. The ways of the world became of more importance. Jesus demonstrated His unquestionable authority over diseases, sickness, spiritual warfare, as well as both life and death. This is also why we can fully Trust in All of His Word! Jesus is the “WAY the TRUTH and the life!” What does this mean? Jesus alone is our ultimate role model. Life takes on a different meaning, perhaps that is why we are supposed to be “peculiar people.” The WORD says, to be as “wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove.”

Jesus was and is the WORD which manifested in sinless flesh! To some this is a mere illusion or perhaps even seems plain unrealistic? But, it is so true, just take a look around and see how His Word is fulfilling itself. “Nations will rise against nations, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and pestilences in various places, AND FEARFUL EVENTS AND GREAT SIGNS FROM HEAVEN. But before all this, they will lay hands on you and persecute you. They will deliver you up to synagogues and prisons, and you will be brought before kings and governors, and all account of my name…” But in spite of all of this happening He tells us not to worry! Taking this position may look peculiar, aloof, uncaring or even questionable? But know that God is so much deeper than how things appear. Here is where your FAITH must carry you through. God knows the position of our hearts. When you know without a doubt that your heart is for the Lord, you will not take for granted the enumerable things that the Lord has done for us all. God alone is AWESOME! TRULY HE is WORTHY OF our praise! He is the ultimate of examples in a class all by Himself! “God is not a respecter of persons.” It is because of Him we are “Sealed” and have the gift of His promised “HOLY SPIRIT”. Not because of who we are but simply “Because of WHO HE IS”! This is why it is so important to know His Word for yourself! This way you will not be tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine. We can “Forever” have “Hope” in the LORD.

I personally know what it is like to invest thousands of dollars $$$ in stock. I know what it is like to invest thousands of dollars $$$ in people. I also know what it is like to invest $$$ and invaluable time in the Lord’s Word. The latter is the one that has yielded the greatest return. Stock goes up and down, things come and go and yes, some people can become fickle! Investing in the Lord is not something that is always readily detected from a noticeable visual perspective. But there are immeasurable rewards that one can experience that are invaluable, I mean simply priceless. I am not talking about just going to the building and putting in an offering. Not that this is not important. All too often what has been done is forgotten. Many have selective memories and default to “group think.” God’s principles are often merely discussed and conceptualized and left out of the problem solving equation. Many simply adopt and employ worldly secular psychological methods and concepts to determine behavioral dynamics in their futile attempt to deal with spiritual problems. Do you really believe God’s Word? God is Light! Jesus really did redeem us with His life! God wants us to live for Him on a daily basis, wherever we go. Please for a moment put on your spiritual cap. Remember “JESUS is the WAY…”God knows who, what, where and why we do or do not do some things. Here is more “Good News”, if you really believe His Word when it says “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and them that dwell therein…” You will not be so easily manipulated to conform, become so discouraged, live so erratically and react to the outside pressures around you regardless of where you are. Instead take time in His Word to sit at the feet of Jesus!

We are to become “disciples.” Being a disciple means to become both a student and a learner. Jesus again to put it simply said to “Go tell!” To “preach” simply means to become an advocate for or to proclaim! There are many variations as to the “ways and means” how the “Message of Good News” can be delivered. Way back when, a few people owned or had readily access to a Bible. Today through advanced technological development you can communicate all over the world in a matter of minutes while simply sitting at a computer. Today we have such a vast multiplicity of congregations and denominations that are just as varied in their Worship manners and customs worldwide. But to God there is still only One (1) Church! There is a freedom and enjoyment in life that God provides. But He tells us to never use that freedom to “cloak maliciousness”. Spiritual growth is a process which helps one become more aware that everywhere you are God is right there. Life has a fulfilling purpose! You begin to realize that there is an invaluable security in knowing that ALL of HIS WORD is true! That in His time He will work “everything together for good…” when you truly love Him. I have more “Good News”, the JOY that only the Lord can provide is so deep and vast that it supersedes any circumstances or situation we may ever encounter!

God is real and HIS WORD tells us that “His Love endures forever”. Forever may seem like a measured time by man’s standards. But if you read and listen to His WORD it means just that forever is forever! It means perpetually, without end or simply through everlasting. In reality one must know that life can and will bring challenges as well as celebrations. More “Good News”, we must remember “This is the day that the Lord has made…” We are to live to please God! JESUS IS COMING BACK! Those who have not gone on at the time will be “caught up to meet Him in the air…” Each day that the Lord allows brings about a new experience. His basic principles for life, living, marriage and the family remain the same. This is why we pray “Father, give us today our daily bread.” This is why it is so important to spend time meditating in His Word, sitting at the feet of Jesus! Begin looking to our Creator, the Author and Finisher of our Faith. The “Good News” is, despite all the things that are going on in the world we can still have JOY and “Forever” have “Hope” when our Hope is in the Lord!

Romans 5 tells us; “Therefore, since we have been justified through FAITH, we have PEACE with GOD through our LORD JESUS CHRIST, through whom we have gained access by FAITH into this GRACE in which we now STAND. And we REJOICE in the HOPE of the GLORY of GOD. Not only so, but we also REJOICE in our SUFFERINGS, because we know that SUFFERINGS produces PERSERVERANCE; PERSERVERANCE, CHARACTER, and CHARACTER, HOPE. And HOPE does not disappoint us, because GOD has poured out HIS LOVE into our hearts by the HOLY SPIRIT, whom HE has given us!” PRAISE GOD!!!
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