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Unwanted pregnancy

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 07, 2006 10:26 am    Post subject: Unwanted pregnancy Reply with quote

Unwanted pregnancies are those, which happen due to the negligence, innocence, failure of the contraceptive methods or simply the ignorance. Unwanted pregnancy is a nightmare for the woman, who is not ready to bear the child or is not able to bring a healthy child into this world. Most of the times, the baby is simply unwanted because of the pressure and norms of the society, and sometimes because it is impossible for the mother to bring up another one, when she is already having some. Most horrid of all are the cases where woman is raped or forced into the sexual intercourse. Whatever the reasons, solution is always the same-termination of the pregnancy.

Abortions play a major role in a woman’s health. Unsafe abortion are dangerous as they can be life threatening. The maximum death rate in women is due to the child-birth, repeated and unsafe abortions, or the excessive bleeding due to the wrong methods used to abort the child. Still, there are some countries where the abortions are illegal. But the mushrooming of the small clinics, which are run by insufficient people, is playing with the lives of these women who go there in lack of proper medical services.

It is strange that in these modern times, when media exposure is at its great level, people are educated, and availability of so many contraceptives is there, why these unwanted pregnancies take place? Reason is all the more strange-because still people are not educated enough, specially the women, because still there are chances that people are not aware of the possibilities they can choose from, or because they are not bothered till they come face to face with the problem itself. Most common reason of the unwanted pregnancy is the improper use, or no-use of a contraceptive.

Most commonly used contraceptive is condom. It is the safest but not the full-proof method. Success rate is up to 85%. It is available at all the drug stores. Proper use of it prevents the unwanted pregnancy. There are oral pills and ECPs that is Emergency Contraceptive pills, which are to be taken after the unprotected sex.

Sex education among the teenagers, use of contraceptives should be demonstrated and taught in the schools, assistance and counseling in sexual health matters must be there for all women, irrespective of their age. Growing teenage pregnancies is matter of grave concern. Deaths or major health problems due to these unwanted pregnancies must be prevented and checked.

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