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Must Know Facts Before Buying A Car

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 4:58 am    Post subject: Must Know Facts Before Buying A Car Reply with quote

*Must Know Facts Before Buying A Car.*

You want to buy a car. The first things you need to know is the type of
car you want. If the reasons to buy the car are perfectly valid the
thing would be to see it you have the cash to purchase the car. If you
are a first timer into the world of finance then you may be taken for a
ride. If you are a student or have no established credit history then
the barriers to your car ownership are still more, unless you have
enough cash to make an outright purchase.

*One Time Expenses*

Budget versus style should be balanced when you cannot afford a luxury
segment vehicle. **

* The rate of your car depends on the variety of car you want.
Budget models range between $12,000 and $20,000. Sports car and
other vehicles may cost up to $ 50,000 and more.
* The cost of a decent stereo system, interior systems like leather
seating etc. will only drive up the costs.

*Recurring Expenses*

1. What are your car financing options? There are a wide range of
auto car loans. If you are looking for the <a

best car loans </a> you could find major loan sources on the
internet. These offer cheap car loans as they do away with
commission agents. Other factors you need to look at are
quotes. A few of the recurring expenses would be

* The monthly installments that you need to pay are a recurring
till you clear off the whole credit for the car. It is in the
option that you finish these payments within a 48 month period if
you can. In case of longer periods the APR is higher.
* Insurance is dependent on a number of factors like model of the
car (more expensive cars have higher premiums), age of the car
(older cars have lower premiums), driving record (bad driving
record pushes up the premium), etc. Even your age, gender and
state has a bearing on the insurance premium. Insurance costs are
paid throughout the lifetime of the vehicle and generally ranges
from $500 to $1200 per year.
* Gas expenses will be around $600 to $1500 per year, depending on
your cars fuel efficiency. Mileage depends on the type of vehicle
you choose. SUVís may take up more fuel while a car takes up
lesser fuel for the same distances.
* Maintenance is another important factor in costs. The expenses
would be related to oil charges ($20 per 3,500miles), new
batteries, servicing charges ($250 per check up) and parking

* *

*Look Out or youíll be ripped off *

They have been major rip offs in the auto industry. Search the net and
hear more about these before venturing out to buy a car so that you are
not the next person who is conned.

* Buy cars online through major online agencies. This will also
reduce the costs considerably as it will bypass commission
agents/sales persons who raise the cost and can even convince you
to get something not worth a buy so that they earn huge profits.
* At the automotive office all you need to provide is a
of your identity. Do not allow the car dealer to run a credit
check on you if you are getting your own car finance. Credit
checks are only done by banks and other financial agencies and
your car dealer.
* Negotiate on the price of the car as maximum as possible. See
quotes on the net and other magazines and if any dealer tells you
that the net is different and those cannot be given then do not
believe them. You would rather contact the persons on the net and
get a quote from them.
* Do not take a car if the dealer assures you that he will get a
lower APR for you. Take your car only after all the negotiations
and contracts have been signed. Later you may be able to get an
auto-refinance for a lower APR if you have a good credit score.
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Joined: 17 Jul 2006
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 4:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Rejected, because does not include detailed facts.
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