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Tips to write love e-mail

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 16, 2006 5:54 am    Post subject: Tips to write love e-mail Reply with quote

When you receive a love letter from our loved one, your heart bit is thousand times faster than normal. Really, those love letters make you happy now and later after also. When you feel lonely and wanted to be cherishing your mood then read that letters, you feel recharged with joy and cherish. But now days, nobody is using the post letters, Only Emails on the internet. Earlier it required 2-3 days to reach letters but E- mail reaches in a fraction of second.
1. Your love e-mail should look appealing.
Using plain paper is fine or other better grade of paper than lined paper or paper with lots of designs printed on it. Use fountain pens than ball point pens.
2. Write a love email anytime.
Write a love letter when you collect matter in your mind, donít wait for a special mood to write love letter.
3. Think about why you're writing.
Make your mind clear about matter in your letter. In your matter can be anything like you want to say I Love You or asking for a date or wanted to express your feeling or want to know how they feel about you or want to say I miss you.
4. Write love email good mood.
Always write love letter in good mood, your mood will help you to express your emotions in proper manner. When we are in good mood then we are thinking only about letter and your partner. When you are in bad mood coz may be anything, your mind will keep thinking about that coz only. These things will affect your letter.
5. Donít write book, write love letter.
Write a love letter, not a book love book, means letter should not be lengthy. Your partner should feel comfortable while reading that.
6. Donít use underline, capital in letter.
Donít use underline, capital letters in words as you are writing a letter not notes of your emotions.
7. Re-read your love letter to make sure it says what you mean.

Use some unique words for your love letter, such as:
Opening words for letter:
Dear, Dearest, My Love, My Sweetheart, My Darling, My Sweet, Darling

Matter should contain words: caress, desire, fondle, fascinate, passion, cherish, idolize, embrace, hold dear, adore, smitten, enchanted, captivated, treasure, stroking, touch, infatuated, precious

Endings words for letter: yours sincerely, all my love, with love, truly yours, love, till we meet again, your new friend
Take care of all these things while writing love letter to your beloved one. Letter should be mirror of your emotions.
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