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Safer Sex

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 07, 2006 8:41 am    Post subject: Safer Sex Reply with quote

Sexual pleasure is the base of men and women relationship. It goes without saying that the act itself is the most important reality of the life. In this era of HIV, it presents a very scary picture of the future. Sex is fun, but it also can transmit the diseases in the form of STDs, and HIV. Truth goes like ‘Prevention Is Better Then Cure’ but what we are talking about is the truth which goes beyond cure. The growing cases of HIV-Positive, is the matter of great concern. General awareness, and sex education is needed to increase.

This risk multifold for the people who are having sex with more than one partner. They can unknowingly transmit each-other with HIV-Positive virus, and this chain can go on and on. The fact is people can not stop having sex, but certainly, they can take precaution towards their safety. They must stop unsafe sex.

Unsafe sex is where partners have sex without protection, and give their infection to the other partner. This infection can go through the semen, blood, saliva, and vaginal secretions. Oral sex can increase the risk in many folds, because the fluids of body enter directly into mouth and spreads into the body and if the person is infected, it will easily infect the partner.

Life should not be taken for granted. It needs a very little effort to save your health from these hazards. Always have protected and safe sex. There are many ways but the most efficient, is the use of condoms. These are easily available in the drug stores, and come in different varieties and styles. First of all learn the proper way to use a condom. Always use a new condom before an act. Never re-use the same condom for the second time. Throw immediately after use. Insist on using a condom before sex. Condoms should not be used if they are expired. Check the date before buying. Never use a low quality condom, as it does not give the protection, if it is torn. Never keep condoms in wallets or hot places; it will melt as it is usually made of latex.

Be honest to your partner. If you are a HIV-positive, you must tell your partner. Act before it is too late. Go and have fun with safe sex. As long as you are protected, you can enjoy it without any tension.

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