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Offshore Banking & Asset Protection

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 22, 2006 10:58 pm    Post subject: Offshore Banking & Asset Protection Reply with quote

Panama is currently the new Switzerland and is also the number one retirement haven in the world. Panama does not tax offshore derived income, capital gains, etc. All tax violations in Panama are civil offenses, none are criminal and Panama has no tax treaties with any country. Panama actually requires all corporations to be formed by a lawyer to protect the privacy of their 400,000 corporations on file thus ensuring renewals each year. Panama cares about privacy, bank secrecy and asset protection. We only deal in Panama which is considered to be the most private jurisdiction in the world today, with the best bank secrecy laws, best corporate and foundation anonymity and strongest attorney client privilege in addition to having world class banks. Panama has no hurricanes, no earthquakes, no active volcanoes and no tsunamis which is why the Panama Canal was built here. So you do not have to worry about being unable to contact your bank by internet or telephone because a storm just passed over their island. Since we are in Panama we can and will represent any of clients who need legal representation in Panama with affordable rates ($150.00 hour). And yes we do get in our car and go down to the Panama banks representing our clients to open their bank accounts and to resolve any issues or problems that may come up down the road when our clients need our assistance. We are your corporate resident agent and would receive any official notices on behalf of your Panama Corporation or Panama foundation and of course we would understand the notices and could advise you not just say "hey, you got a document you need to read". We are reachable by phone and email seven days a week and of course all communications with us are privileged communications. Always feel free to ask us questions by phone or email.

We are a law firm which means you have attorney client privilege We specialize in Offshore Asset Protection. All of your affairs handled with us are covered by attorney client privilege which means that we could not reveal anything about you or your affairs without your specific permission or unless we were ordered to do so by a Panama Court (not a common occurrence). You can benefit from the legal protection and security of dealing with a licensed Panama Law Firm. If you buy an offshore corporation, offshore trust, offshore foundation or an offshore bank account from a non- law firm they could freely reveal your confidential information which they collect from you like name address, passport, name of corporation, bank account information etc. without any statutory penalties, in other words you do not have the benefit of attorney client privilege. Some of these corporate resale agents say they have some sort of financial privacy protections but it is flimsy and cursory at best.

Panama Banking Panama boasts of having 150 international banks which is a living testimony to their strong bank secrecy laws please keeping in mind Panama is a country of 2.9 million people and these banks are in Panama City which is only about 9 square miles. All the banks we deal with have online banking including the ability to send international wire transfers. You do not need to come to Panama to open a bank account but you do need to supply reference letters and passport copies. You can even get up to 7% interest on 5 year deposits. The national currency in Panama is the US dollar but some euro accounts are available.

Panama Anonymous Bearer Share Corporation Such anonymous corporations are called by this term in Spanish - sociedad anonima. These corporations have no registry or database into which are entered the owners of the corporation. Ownership is through the printed stock certificate called bearer shares. There is no tax on offshore derived income other than the $300 annual tax included in our prices. Transfers of ownership do not have to be reported. With a Panama bearer share corporation wires moving through the wire system are not associated with any natural persons for more privacy. Panama corporations can be formed in 2-3 days. Panama bearer share corporations can own real estate anywhere in the world under Panama law.

Panama Private Interest Foundations A Panama foundation has a number of advantages. It is like a combination of a corporation trust and will. Foundations have no real owner. The Panama foundation is anonymous. The foundation instructions are kept secret. Foundation assets including bank accounts are generally non-freezable. Foundations can own corporations and real estate.

Panama stock Brokerage You and or your corporation or foundation can have a Panama Stock brokerage account and play the worlds markets from home. Panama secrecy laws apply.

Panama Passports, Visas and Residency Panama offer an instant Passport program, a number of exciting and affordable visa programs.

Panama Legal Law Firm Panama Asset Protection Strategies:
Formation and Management of Anonymous Panama S.A. Bearer Share Corporations (sociedad anonima)
Asset and Estate Protection with a full range of effective strategies including Panama Foundations and Foundation Protectors
Providing corporate nominee directors and resident agent
Offshore Bank Accounts in Panama with online banking
Anonymous ownership of real estate anywhere
Anonymous ownership of boats and planes anywhere
Real Estate Investment (Panama real estate appreciating 28% per annum)
Panama Passport Program
Panama Residency, Citizenship, Visas
Stock Trading Accounts in Panama with secrecy
Offshore Visa, MasterCard from Panama Bank and other countries
Offshore ATM debit card
Offshore Merchant Accounts for high risk or low risk accounts

For more information please visit: panamalaworg or
Call us at: (507) 6-480-1279
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