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Joined: 17 Jul 2006
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 5:00 am    Post subject: Laptopophobia Reply with quote


I don't know about you but I think laptops are primarily for
the young. Oh, yeah, I have one and there are times that I
just don't know what I'd do without it but I really hate the
thing. I really do. You see, I'm - well, let's just say I
won't see forty again and leave it at that. I'm part of the
set that thinks a computer is about word processing and
Internet research. My son cringes every time he sees me find
the exact site and pages I need for a project and then print
out the several pages so I can curl up in my easy chair with
my cup of coffee to peruse my hard copy.

In 1984 Apple got into the laptop act, premiering its Apple
llc. Although notebook size, it was still at the high end of
the comfort scale, weighing in at 12 pounds. And, as always
at the start of an electronic revolution it wasn't cheap -
retailing for $3500. The Apple llc had an 8088
microprocessor, 256 kilobytes of memory (certainly tiny by
today's standard but a massive step up at that time), two
floppy drives ( 3 1/2", not 5 1/4'), space for the
installation of an internal modem (not part of the original
packaging), and both parallel and serial ports. It even
included its own applications for telephone and address
book, word processing, appointments, and calculations. It
earned rave reviews and the age of the laptop was born.

What do I hate so much about laptops? Mostly I think it's
the keyboard. I learned to type 80 wpm in high school. I was
a woman of the sixties. I was supposed to type. And type I
did. But when I sit down at my laptop and try to reproduce
at that speed I get nothing but gobbledygook. The keys are
too small, my fingers too fat. And where on earth is the
number pad that's supposed to be on the right side?

Make sure you have a minimum of three ports, to accommodate
a number of peripherals such as printers, cameras and
external floppy drives or modems. The number of ports you
need depends on the internal features of your laptop as well
as your own need for peripherals. Obviously, if you have an
internal modem you don't need a port for an external one.
But if you have only a CD drive and copy to floppy on your
PC at home, for the two to talk to each other you're going
to need an external floppy drive on your laptop. For this
you'll need a port. Be cognizant also of the types of ports.
Your old mouse may connect by parallel port, but the newest
versions require USB connection.

Disk drives - The newest laptop versions will have DVD or CD
drives and no floppy drive. They hold more, weigh less and
last longer. Remember, however, that you may have backed up
your old PC with oodles of disks. If that's the case, rather
than back up all over again you may want to purchase an
external floppy drive for your laptop. Modem - While some
laptops offer external modems, the easiest to use is one
with want an internal 56k modem.
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Site Admin

Joined: 17 Jul 2006
Posts: 115

PostPosted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 5:24 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

You have reasons to fear... you know, laptops are connected to men's infertility problems, or eretile dysfunctions.

Use desktop instead.
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