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How to Avoid Teenage pregnancy

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 08, 2006 9:57 am    Post subject: How to Avoid Teenage pregnancy Reply with quote

A different survey report in this particular subject is alarming. Teenage pregnancies are increasing at a very high speed. Teenage pregnancy is where a girl below the age of twenty is carrying a baby, which is against physically and medically for the girl.

The pregnancy takes place due to the sexual intercourse without using any contraceptive method. They simply indulge in act, without knowing the consequences and fell in deep trouble. Main reason is that they are not aware of the different contraceptives in the market, or these are not accessible to them. Most of the times they are embarrassed to go to the drug store to ask for the condoms. Some cases of pregnancy occur due to the wrong use of the condoms, as they are not the frequent users, leakage or breakage of the condom due to this, shoots trouble.

Sex education is not sufficient; they need to tell the practical use of the product. Where they can obtain these contraceptives from, and how they can prevent the pregnancy? Hazards of child birth and abortions can cause death or disability for life long. It is a trauma, which a young woman goes through. It is shocking to see the statistics of the surveys. According to these surveys, girls among the age group of 13 to 15 are no longer virgins and boys loose virginity at the age of 14 to 15 in developing countries. Most of them are not aware of the precautions and availability of the contraceptives. Every year there are millions of cases of premature births, where the mother is below twenty. Seventy thousand females die every year in these developing countries due to the complicated cases of teenage pregnancy.

Other than the medical or physical aspect, there is the psychological pressure too. Social stigma, non cooperation of parents, triggers the trauma and sometime the girl contemplates suicide. Giving birth at early age weakens the body and mind. It is the most horrifying picture, which needs to be corrected at emergent level.
Best is that the condoms should be accessible to these teenagers. It is not expected of them to stop having sex, but need is to show them the right path, to make them aware of the consequences. Counseling and medical aid should be in the schools itself, and the child must feel that he\she can go their for assistance in whatever matter he \she wants to.

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